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xnxx milfs Redhead Alexa Nova 3way Fucks 2 black cocks before facial

xnxx milfs It had been a long week so far for Jonathan. He was not really the kind of person who enjoyed company but was not bad at having company.

He had done his best as had they all to ensure Breanna had a wonderful experience her first time down to their home.

He had made jokes and told stories about her sister xnxx milfs, tried to do all he could to make Breanna feel like family at home. Although every time he saw her walk through the house in shorts, he could only imagine seeing the blood from the first night.

In Jonathan’s, family when a young lady bleeds the first time xnxx milfs, she is then old enough to lose her virginity, which is something that Jonathan’s family usually done together for the first time and then after usually.

Chasity walked from her bedroom door at just the moment the bathroom door shut catching Jonathan as his eyes followed her all the way in, noticing her bra and panties which were both black and stood out against her tan skin.

so that it was all he could see as she darted for the bathroom door. His cock immediately grew hard as he watched those budding breasts covered by that tiny black bra bounce into the bathroom.

A moment later, a whisper in his ear, getting his attention, letting Jonathan know that his wife had caught him with those breast in his mouth in his mind as she slid her hand through the top of his basketball shorts and grabbed a solid rock hard cock.

Oh my! Chasity said xnxx milfs, Fred is hard. What had got him this way? Did you see something? Maybe something, you shouldn’t have? As Jonathan spun to face Chasity, his member still in her hand.

She jumped forward wrapping her arms around his neck and sticking her tongue quickly down his throat romantic xnxx.

Jonathan more excited than ever xnxx milfs, pressed back hard with his cock against her thighs and pushed her whole body up against the bathroom door softly, kissing deeply as he went.

Chasity broke free from the kiss after a moment asking.

Baby do you love me? You know I do, Jonathan replied, I always have. And then Chasity spoke again. She said, baby do you trust me? OF course, I do, said Jonathan, you know that sweetheart. Well then if you trust me.

you are going to need to go into the living room and wait, ill be right there. I have a surprise. As Jonathan smiled and walked towards the living room door, Chasity smiled back turning towards the bathroom.

She opened the door to find Breanna standing in front of the mirror wearing just her bra and panties still. Breanna stood there with a nervous grin. what did he think? she asked Chasity.

Chasity replied xnxx milfs, what do you think he thought? I told you that you were absolutely beautiful for your age and that your breast are a perfect size for Jonathan .

He’s always looking at Madalyn while she’s bathing. She said, are you ready? to which Breanna responded, yes ma’am, I think so. Chasity then said, OK lets go.

as Jonathan lie back on the couch xnxx milfs, eyes closed resting, he heard footsteps coming through the door, keeping his eyes closed expecting a surprise from Chasity.

He did feel what he thought must be his surprise. He felt as Chasity undone his belt buckle, zipper and button both come loose and then he lifted himself from the couch as his bottom garments were pulled from him all at once.

As he felt the first skin touch his cock, he realized something felt different about the hand. His shaft was already nicely stiffened and standing at its full 8 inches and so it wasn’t hard to tell as fingers that were too small closed tightly around his cock.

With a jump of surprise, Jonathan opened his eyes to see just as the head of his cock disappeared behind the teeth of Breanna and he was in awe.

Chasity had talked to Breanna earlier in the week

after her first bloody night there. During this talk xnxx milfs, she had realized that Breanna was interested in Jonathan.

Chasity thought this to be sweet and realized that Breanna was now a young woman in Jonathan’s family and in that family Jonathan would definitely have taken the opportunity to teach a younger sister so Chasity had thought about the idea and offered it to Breanna.

as a result of this xnxx milfs, Jonathan was now unexpectedly enveloping all of Breanna’s mouth with the first two to three inches of his big cock سکس برازرس.

Chasity, making eye contact with Jonathan, asked him, how does that little girl mouth feel baby? Does it make you want to cum in her mouth knowing it would be her first time? Jonathan replies,  of course it does my love, just as much as Madalyn’s mouth the first time.

A flash of memory showed Chasity just how similar her daughter and her sister appeared. If it were not for the blonde hair, xnxx milfs they were nearly identical.

Only Madalyn was much more matured physically than Breanna. Jonathan’s cock dipped deeper each time into Breanna’s mouth and further into the back of her throat with each thrust a little deeper until finally Breanna would gag and only have an inch or two of cock left outside her mouth. At this time.

Chasity stepping forward, xnxx milfs wrapped Breanna’s hair around her hand and slowly began to press her head down until her lips were closed around the base of Jonathan’s cock.

which was deep in her throat. Jonathan watched in unbelievable ecstasy as his balls began to tighten. He had not dared imagined something like this ever happening again with a fresh young virgin, just the same as it had with Madalyn.

As the tension grew, Chasity pressed faster and further up and down with Breanna’s head holding it as to keep her throat stopped up with Jonathan’s hard cock.

It was only what felt like seconds but lasted minutes as Breanna swallowed her first large cock and Chasity rubbed her budding nipples between her fingertips as she continued to fuck Jonathan’s cock with Breanna’s mouth.

At just that second, Chasity recognized the expression on Jonathan’s face as his back began to arch. Chasity quickly grabbed tightly to the back of Breanna’s scalp pressing her head down once again until her lips were flush with the base of Jonathan’s cock.

Not knowing what was different about this time her head had been pushed down, xnxx milfs Breanna realized something was happening to the cock that stood solid as a rock to the back of her throat.

It hung past her tonsils and into her airway. With a great moan, xnxx milfs Jonathan leaned back as far as he could and raised back off the couch forcing his cock deeper into Breanna’s throat as the first shots of cum hit the inside of Breanna’s stomach.

She could not escape from Jonathan’s cock as she struggled to breath and not gag

feeling as her throat filled too full and ran over around the edges of Jonathan’s large member which kept her throat plugged until he pulled out.

As Jonathan’s cock fell from Breanna’s lips the first time, xnxx milfs Chasity bent down and began to suck Jonathan’s cock, cleaning out the random bits of cum left that had fallen from Breanna’s mouth as she pulled away.

At this time, there was a noise from the hallway and there she was, Madalyn had awoken. Walking into the room, she exclaimed OH no! tell me I didn’t miss it! no replied Chasity, she just gave her first blowjob and it looks like daddy must have really enjoyed it.

yes, I did said Jonathan, I absolutely did. Now can you all come here and help get daddy hard again and then we can show Breanna how to have sex like me and you Madalyn without her being confused because you can help comfort her like momma did you while I pop her cherry.

Madalyn made her way quickly to Breanna and fell upon the floor beside her on her knees. She quickly leaned in and grabbed Breanna by the hair puling her face towards her as she licked the cum rom the sides of Breanna’s mouth where it had ran around their daddy’s cock.

As this was taking place, Chasity also fell to the floor but in her mouth, she took the leftover cum from the inside of Jonathan’s cock like a straw to his balls سکس در خواب.

As he watched, Madalyn rub against each other and clothes what little they wore start to fall off everyone he became more and more erect until he was hard as stone once again.

He then called Madalyn and Breanna to come forward and help Chasity. Chasity said to Madalyn xnxx milfs, why don’t you get on top of daddy and ride him slowly until Breanna gets the idea and can do it herself.

Madalyn smiled towards her mother and then cut her eyes towards Breanna who was nervous and excited. As Breanna popped her last taste of cock out of her mouth, Chasity grabbed the shaft and held it tight, holding it up as Madalyn dropped her white cotton panties to the floor.

swung her leg over her daddy and straddled him.

She slowly sank until the head of his cock was touching the entrance of her vagina. The anticipation was so intense that she could feel lucy throbbing as she felt the last of all 8 inches sink in pressing against her cervix on the inside. Oh God how she loved to feel her daddy’s cum spray into her cervix.

She could only feel a little jealousy knowing that Breanna would first experience that today.

Breanna watched as Madalyn rode up and down her daddy’s cock, her small breast exposed and dancing as she began to build speed and fuck herself faster with daddy’s cock. Up and down she went as Chasity played with her nipples and Breanna went to straddle Jonathan’s lips.

After moments or forever, no one could tell, Breanna began to cum on Jonathan’s lips leaving her virginal pussy as wet and ready as it can be.

Chasity noticing this excitement had taken place, xnxx milfs pulled Madalyn quickly from her daddy’s dick and instructed Breanna to take a seat slowly.

Breanna not hearing about doing it slowly, lined up the head of Jonathan’s cock with her vagina, just as she had seen in porn and then quickly,

dropped her weight upon it expecting it to go quickly and hurt less.

but Breanna’s young vagina was so tight with a small hymen that barely sank 2 inches deep on Jonathan’s cock before Breanna realized that she had just stuffed the largest cock she had ever seen inside her mouth and then now it was ripping apart her virginity but only stuck so far in.

she stopped there and froze due to the pain. Jonathan recognizing this knew if it would get better, xnxx milfs it would only happen if he did his job فیلم سوپر امریکایی.

As Breanna was in pain, Madalyn straddled Jonathan and slid her body down on his chest lying face up. She held Breanna tightly as Jonathan made the next move.

With a small stroke out xnxx milfs, Jonathan pulled until his head was all that was left and then slowly started to make one slow plunge in and out as Breanna whimpered with pain.

Every time his cock moved, she could feel little pieces of her virgin hole tearing and ripping leaving her with a forever imprint of this moment, pieces of a little hymen ran blood and as they mixed with her regular vaginal juices, she prepared for worse pain, but his cock started to feel better with each stroke in and out.

Jonathan knew even though he had cam once

earlier he could not resist spraying cum inside of Breanna’s womb and that she must be going to cum soon too as she fucked his cock, it was finally in all the way. For the first two or three minutes, Breanna rode his cock slowly and as the pain dulled xnxx milfs, the feeling to cum arose.

As she felt his head hit her womb repeatedly and the walls around his shaft felt to stretch more and more. She realized that this was going to make her cum. Chasity seeing her behavior knew that the moment was close.

She looked at Breanna and said, Breanna, keep doing that ! you’re going to cum and so is Jonathan. do you want me to stop and get off?’ Breanna said NO Chasity said don’t stop but he’s going to cum.

That’s ok let him cum, he cums inside of me and Madalyn all the time. As Jonathan heard those words he could see and feel as Breanna began to cum.

As she clinched and jerked violently, xnxx milfs Jonathan felt his balls tighten once more and the virgin pussy of Breanna as it wrapped around his shaft squeezing each time and throbbing. Jonathan let out a shout, Im going to cum! Breanna said please cum inside me daddy.

At that second Jonathan exploded! Jets of hot white cum shot high into Breanna’s cervix leaving seed in her unprotected womb.

Madalyn who had been holding Breanna, released her as Breanna sat up straight still on Jonathan’s cock. Madalyn slid from his body and ran to the bathroom.

As she came back with a towel in her hands, xnxx milfs she told Breanna just how good she had done and Chasity could do nothing but watch proudly as her young sister slid off her husband’s cock watching as the cum dripped mixed with blood from her now broken hymen. Chasity said now my dear you can say you are a woman.

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Date: October 16, 2022
Actors: Alexa Nova

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