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xnxx big boobs Sara and I talked on the phone a few times during the rest of the week and I was getting more excited as the week went on.

She kept dropping hints about how I was going to love Sunday evening and how she was getting more excited the closer we got to what she was cooking up.

It sounded like it might be epic. I asked if I should bring wine or anything xnxx big boobs. She told me no, just bring myself and my lovely cream and be ready for a good time.

I have always been a very sexual person. Masturbated at least when I woke up, after school and before going to sleep at night every day of my life with very rare exception since I learned about it in the fifth grade.

Before that, I can remember a few times when a couple of the neighborhood girls and I would take down our pants and play with each other in the back of a school bus their mom drove and parked out in front of their house every night when school was in session.

When I was in Jr High, the Pastor’s daughters across the street and I had a memorable Sunday afternoon once while their parents were away for the day xnxx big boobs. They were both a few years older than me.

Led by the oldest one, we all took our pants down and explored . The oldest one opened her shirt too. It was the first time I ever saw tits and pubic hair, and got to touch, finger and kiss a wet pussy. Two wet pussies to be exact.

Even after I started fucking women I met on the radio. I was so constantly horny, I would go out with a girl, fuck her xnxx big boobs, then come home and replay it in my head with my hand before I fell asleep.

The sexual revolution had just gotten to the middle of the country from the coasts in the early 70s at the beginning of my radio career. My third full time job was all nights, Mid – 6am on one of the two major AM Top 40 stations in my hometown, Tulsa xnxx big boobs, OK.

There were so many lonely, horny women up late at night listening to the radio xnxx sis, it was an amazing sexual smorgasbord.

I would have so many women calling me

telling me how I had a sexy voice and offering themselves to me that I would literally get off at six am, go to a girl’s house, fuck her, go home and go to bed, wake up at one or two in the afternoon, take a shower, go to another lady’s house, have lunch with her and her for dessert.

Go home, take a nap and shower and go to another woman’s house xnxx big boobs, have a late dinner and love on her till it was time to go to work at midnight.

That went on almost daily for four years. And depending on the size of the town I was in and my relationship status, the sexual buffet went on more or less for most of my career. I feel another, Thank You, God! is in order.

But I want to heartily stress…I was never going for numbers or to rack up a score xnxx big boobs. I’m not a shark. I’m a big guy. 6’2 and 220lbs, looked like a football player.

I was the fat kid people bullied all through school and I had only gone out with and fucked one girlfriend for a short time in my entire life up to the time I got on the radio xnxx big boobs.

Except for the older lady that took me under her loving wing one summer and taught me how to treat a woman a couple years before that. That’s a whole ‘nother story, boys and girls. Which, I’m sure will come up sometime later in this tome.

So, lonely me was totally blown away by the attention from all these women and I enjoyed the opportunity to love on them فلم سکس خارجی.

Being a strong believer in Ladies First and The Golden Rule xnxx big boobs, I always gave as good as or better than I got and made sure they were well satisfied before me.

I have always been a hopeless romantic and was looking for love. Always looking for that special someone to stay with. Unfortunately, most of those girls were not the one I was looking for.

The few I really liked and tried to hold on to always blew me off for someone who was better looking (I have the perfect face for Radio!), had more money xnxx big boobs, nicer car, bigger house, etc.

However, one thing I was blessed with was a baby face. Most people thought I was in my 20s till I was 50. Even now, in my 60s, most people think I’m in my 40s. Thank You, God! Well, needless to say, this Sara situation had my hormones all riled up.

But, as I fell asleep Thursday night after stroking myself off thinking about Sara and her award winning fuck on Tuesday xnxx big boobs. I thought.

it will be worth saving it up from now to Sunday night.

So, as hard as it was so to speak xnxx big boobs. I toughed it out and kept my hands off myself till the big dinner and dessert. It was worth the wait…

When we talked Saturday afternoon Sara told me to be at her house at four o’clock tomorrow for dinner xnxx big boobs. She gave me directions and I told her I hoped she had a good time at the races tonight.

She said, Thanks, that’s very thoughtful. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I was so looking forward to tomorrow سکس زوری.

Jim came home from doing a remote with a 12 pack of Coke and a free pizza coupon leftover from his appearance. We mixed some drinks, smoked a lot of good herb and had a free pizza delivered.

Since the pizza was free, we tipped the driver the $20 the pizza would have cost and made his night while we enjoyed a lazy Saturday evening eating pizza and watching a movie. Free pizza and mixers, just another fringe benefit of radio.

Sunday, I got up late, took a shower and made sure to clean my ass real good as far as I could reach up there, just like every day. It’s always good to be kissing clean all over, under and in between, in my opinion.

I also take good care of my nails. Don’t want to chafe any delicate areas on my lover. I put on a black station logo polo shirt, my nicest underwear, which were a pair of red low cut bikini briefs I had gotten as a gift, some khaki trousers and black shoes.

I can clean up fairly well. I had chosen 3 CDs from the prize closet to give her xnxx big boobs. I put them in a festive bag and off I went. Jim smiled and told me to have a good time as I left.

I followed her directions and found that she lived in the old merchant part of town. Big houses built in the 1890s and early 1900s where all of the rich merchants of the day lived .

Most had been handed down through the generations. Some were run down or abandoned xnxx big boobs. Some were bought and bulldozed and something new built in their place.

But most were well kept, some were spectacular xnxx big boobs. I found her address, she lived in a huge three story house with an expansive lawn and view of the bay across the street.

I pulled up in a circular drive and parked under a portico that led to double Victorian French front doors with large frosted oval windows and a Fleur De Lis engraved in the middle of each one.

I pressed the doorbell button and a beautiful chiming melody played announcing my arrival.

A figure soon appeared in the frosty glass and opened the door. It was Sara, she was barefoot with her hair up and covered in a gondolier’s hat with the little dingleballs.

She was dressed in a silky black and white pajama set that looked like a tuxedo and had a foot long, cardboard xnxx big boobs, black handlebar mustache attached to her nose .

She looked adorable. She reached up, twirled the end of her mustache with a twinkle in her eye and in a cheesy Italian accent, Welcome my Paisano to my-a humble abode-a. Come in-a and-a make-a you self at home-a. It’s-a specialle’ Neapolitan-a Night-a

Here’s-a you favorite-a drink. Sit-a down-a here. And-a Sara will be with-a you shortly xnxx big boobs. As she was talking, she took me to a chair that looked like a throne, handed me a large glass and smiled at me.

She turned and giggled, while I laughed as she exited the large living room twirling her mustache and exaggeratedly sashaying her ass back and forth. Causing her luscious cheeks to jiggle and shimmer delightfully in the shiny thin black fabric.

I took a nice long tug on my drink. It was a strongly mixed bourbon and sweet ice tea, my favorite. She had the station playing softly on the massive stereo system under the front windows.

The living room was huge, easily as large as Jim’s and my apartment. There were three long couches arranged in a U shape with ornate lamps on the end tables and six or eight large matching ottomans scattered in the center between them.

Arranged in the right configuration.

it would make a giant bed.

There was a walk in fireplace on the wall across from the stereo system and a theatre screen sized projection television across from the sofa area.

She had arranged my chair with the back to the TV screen and facing the couches, towards the door where she left the room xnxx big boobs. A few minutes went by and I enjoyed my drink. It had a nice kick to it. This lady knew how to entertain.

A few minutes later, Sara called out from wherever she went, Are you ready, darlin’? I’m ready whenever you are, beautiful. OK, here we come! I thought, we? Sara emerged through the large double doorway she had disappeared into only minutes earlier flanked and intertwined arm in arm by two other women پورن استار.

From my perspective, on her left, a lovely black girl was smiling at me and on her right, a redhead with milky white, freckled skin had a big grin. Sara walked them right up to me.

They stopped, unhooked their arms and all did a slow 360 degree twirl. The three ladies had on matching see through baby doll tops xnxx big boobs, garter belts and hose, high heels and no panties.

Sara’s outfit was creamy white, just like the blouse she had worn the night I met her.

Her dark companion wore a chocolate brown ensemble which matched her skin so perfectly it almost disappeared into her and the redhead was clad in hot pink xnxx big boobs.

All three were about the same height and build xnxx big boobs. And they all were wearing wonderful perfume.

Love a nice perfume. The black girl had short, black, curly hair down to her shoulders, she also sported the largest breasts of the three, with large areolas and thick nipples and her torso and ass were muscular and compact.

The redhead’s wavy strawberry tresses curled down to the middle of her back and she had the smallest tits of the three women with tiny, pert xnxx big boobs, perpetually erect nipples. She also had the largest behind of the three ladies. Round and jiggly and milky whit

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Date: October 16, 2022
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