telugu sex stories Indian sexy wife agree for threesome


telugu sex stories Indian sexy wife agree for threesome

telugu sex stories A young Indian wife agrees to a threesome with her husband and his friend. With a hot sex night between two men and a sexy Indian woman We had a quick breakfast, checked out, loaded up the SUV and headed to Fort Worth. The girls were excitedly chatting about the upcoming week and their plans for today at the golf tournament.

Gloria met us at the door and we brought our stuff inside. Gloria told the girls she had a nice king bed in a room for the two of them to share in the mansion or, if they wanted to sexy telugu video.

they could stay in the guest house by the pool. There was a king master bedroom they were welcome to use in the pool house, plus two other rooms with king size beds.

They chose the master bedroom in the pool house telugu sex stories.

Gloria told me to take the room I’d slept in with Jen. Jen was going to move into her Master bedroom, and Kris was going to be with me.

This was definitely an interesting turn of events! Gloria told the girls to follow her to the pool house. I grabbed my stuff and headed up the stairs to the Master bedroom I’d shared with Jen.

Entering the room, I was greeted by the wonderful sight of Kris naked in the bed telugu sex stories. She was on her back, her left hand was on her left tit with her pierced nipple between two fingers.

Her right hand was on her pussy.

It looked as though she must have fallen asleep while masterbaiting. Kris was sleeping soundly. I was careful not to make too much noise as I hung my clothing in the closet.

Looking at the clock on the nightstand, I could see I still had a few hours before I needed to leave for the course telugu aunty xnxx.

I quietly stripped out of my clothes. I crawled onto the bed nestling beside Kris telugu sex stories. I began slowly caressing her body. Leaning close to her right breast.

I took her firm pierced nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it as I my fingers traced their way up her thigh to her pussy.

Kris let out a soft moan. Sliding my fingers under her hand I began softly rubbing her pussy lips, slowly spreading them to access her clit.

I could feel her wetness as she responded to the stimulation. I Lightly rubbed her pleasure button. Her hips raised up slightly off the mattress. Her head turned towards me eyes still closed.

“Oh mom, that feels so good,” she said. “Make me cum, I want to cum.”

I let her nipple slip from my mouth and pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue darted into my mouth as she sucked on my lips.

Her eyes slowly opened as she realized it wasn’t her mom kissing her telugu sex stories.

“Oh Thorn, it’s you, not mom, I thought for sure it was mom until I felt your lips,” she said.

I continued rubbing her pussy and clit.

“Oh that feels so good. After the concert last night I was so horny. I wanted you to fuck me so bad while we were there. I went to bed and started masterbating thinking about you.

I fell asleep before I could cum. I want your cock inside me, I need to be fucked. Please fuck me Thorn, make me cum telugu sex stories,” She pleaded spreading her legs wide in anticipation.

Knowing she wanted to orgasm badly, I moved my face down to her dripping cunt and pushed her legs even further apart سکس عربی.

Now, in the morning light I could see her beautiful butterfly pussy lips. telugu sex stories Her clit was protruding from its hood like a miniature penis. I licked her lips and then flicked my tongue on the tip of her clit.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, don’t you dare stop!”

I gave Kris a tongue lashing she’d never forget.

I worked my tongue around her pussy lips, in her pussy, on her clit and up and down telugu sex stories her slit all the way to her cute little asshole.

I pulled on her luscious pussy lips with my teeth. I drove my nose into her wet pussy as I licked her butt hole. She climaxed at least four times.

“Thorn, please stick your cock in me! I want you to fuck me!” She panted سکس روسی.

Even though I’d already cum twice with Shelly and Amy, I was hard as a rock once again. Kris was in for a good fucking, it would be a while before I’d be able to cum again.

Spreading her legs wide, I put the head of my cock at the entrance of her beautiful wet pussy. Then I drove deep inside her in one swift move.

“Oh fuck!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. “Your cock is so fucking big telugu sex stories, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

She was very tight. Tighter than I would have imagined. Thank goodness I’d given her pussy a good licking and she was very wet herself or I may have hurt her.

I kind of hesitated for a moment.

“No! Don’t stop, I’m fine, fuck my pussy hard, drive your big cock deep inside me! Fuck me hard!” She shouted.

I picked up a rhythm and drove my hard cock repeatedly into her tight hole. Every time I would bottom out, she would yelp in pain.

Her huge boobs were bouncing up and down on her chest.

She grabbed and squeezed them together taking the pierced nipples between her fingers, pinching them as I continued pounding away.

Kris raised her hips off the mattress and met my inwards thrusts. I must have been hitting her just right as she began loudly moaning.

“Oh yes, yes, um yes, that feels so fucking good telugu sex stories, ah, fuck, I’m cuming!” She shouted as her small body rocked beneath me.

Letting go of her boobs her hands grabbed my neck and she pulled my head down to her face and we locked lips. Our tongues tangled سکس دختر با دختر.

We kissed as her body continued to rock in pleasure. When she had stopped shaking from the climax telugu sex stories, she stopped kissing me.

“I’m going to turn over and I want you to fuck me doggy style. I love getting fucked from behind,” she said as she rolled over onto her stomach.

I took position behind her. She rose to her elbows and knees telugu sex stories. Her huge boobs were touching
the mattress. Spreading her butt cheeks with my hands I admired her backside and the puckered star of her butt hole.

Her pink slit was shiny and wet. Rubbing my cock between her nether lips, I spread them to the side. Her pussy lips were so long and beautiful.

“Fuck me Thorn, put your cock in my pussy and fuck me deep!”

I plunged my cock deep into her in one swift move. She yelped with pleasure.

Oh fuck yes! Fuck me deep and hard!

I obliged by grabbing her ass and spreading it thrusting my cock deeply into her telugu sex stories. I let go of one of her butt cheeks and put my thumb against the puckered star of her asshole.

“Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, put it in my ass, that’s it keep fucking me hard with it in my ass!”

I pushed my thumb into her ass and using the leverage I had there pushed and pulled her lower body onto my cock as I fucked her.

Her small body shook once again. She met my thrusting cock each time, slamming her pussy into it as I plunged deeply into her.

I felt myself cumming as well and my balls blasted load after load of cum into her hot pussy telugu sex stories.

She dropped to the mattress my still throbbing cock popping out of her wet pussy. telugu sex stories I dropped down beside her ساک زدن.

“Oh Thorn, I needed that so bad,” she said then began kissing me.

I’d had three incredible orgasms that morning. I was now totally spent telugu sex stories. We fell asleep locked in each other’s arms.

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