indian xnxx com Hot Indian Babe fucking pussy awesome


indian xnxx com Hot Indian Babe fucking pussy awesome

indian xnxx com nice and hard, just how I like it and those balls feel full and tight. As promised, my boobs are yours, play with them all you want indian xnxx com.” She released my package and rocked her chest back and forth. Those luscious orbs danced before me.

Taking one huge breast with two hands, I lowered my head and took her nipple into my mouth. The breast was so firm it was hard to believe it was not surgically enhanced xnxx videos.

The feeling of the steel post in my mouth was strange. indian xnxx com As my tongue circled the nipple it became harder and longer. Jen was moaning softly. I carefully bit the firm flesh and pulled with my teeth. Her moan became louder سکس عاشقانه.

Thorn that feels so good. Stop for a minute. I want to tighten the posts so you can really suck them hard.

I released her nipple and watched as she tightened the posts so her nipples were being pinched even more by the steel balls on each side indian xnxx com. Now her nipples extended even farther out from her areolas.

These posts are really fun

When I want to have the pinching sensation that really makes me wet

I can tighten them to the point of tolerable pain indian xnxx com. See how they look now? Feel my pussy and see how wet I am کوس سفید
She tightened the posts more, squeezing her nipples even more between them.

I put my hand to her pussy and rubbed her long labia. She was soaking wet.

Put a finger or two in me. Rub my clit with your thumb.

She was so wet, my fingers slid easily into her hot love tunnel. I rubbed my thumb on a large bump that immediately became larger. It was almost like a miniature penis.

Oh yes, that feels so fucking good. indian xnxx com She pushed her pelvis into my hand and began kissing me as I stimulated her blood engorged clit.

I’m going to cum! She shouted as her whole body erupted with goose bumps and she shook like she’d been hit by an earthquake indian xnxx com.

She limply collapsed into my body. I held her tight as she came down from the climax.

Oh gosh I needed that so bad

She whispered. Now, I’ll give you a bit of fun too. Let’s get in the shower.

The shower with her was fantastic. I turned on the shower and she lathered herself with bath gel سکس عاشقانه
. She had me stand out of the running water and then she rubbed her body all over mine getting me good and soapy.

Kneeling down indian xnxx com, she used her huge boobs to give my cock and balls a good scrubbing with them.

Feels good does it? She asked. My cock was throbbing. Wanting release, but she wasn’t going to let that happen indian xnxx com.

She pushed me gently under the water to let the soap rinse off.

I want you good and full tonight. You’re going to need all you’ve got in there for us later. I’m just teasing you and building it up for a great release. So much for my fun!

Jen let me play with her tits and give her pussy another a good rub. I found her large clitoris and brought her to the brink of climax, just like she’d done to me. She was panting and begging me to continue.

Payback’s a bitch isn’t it I told her when I stopped stimulating her

Oh yeah, I can tell you and I are going to get along great سکس داستانی
. She gave me a big kiss and pushed her pelvis into my hard cock with enough force to send her over the edge she wanted to go indian xnxx com. It was just a small climax, but, she won this round.

We dried each other off with more fondling and kissing indian xnxx com. Then I put on a pair of Tommy Bahama silk slacks.

no underwear and a camp shirt. She put her skimpy sundress back on. I poured us a glass of red wine to share on the short drive to Gloria’s place and we headed down to the parking lot.

During the drive to Gloria’s, I learned Jen was in her early forties, divorced, not looking to re-marry anytime soon and currently in a relationship with Gloria.

They both liked guys, but at this time both were happy to be with each other. They didn’t consider themselves lesbians, as neither one was dominant over the other, just bi-sexual.

I told her I was fine with that and asked about Gloria.

She told me Gloria, also in her early forties, was divorced and had a divorce settlement that made her a multi millionaire. Her husband had cheated on her with an underage girl.

got caught and was serving time in prison indian xnxx com. She said she’d let Gloria fill me in on all the details.

We pulled up a long driveway and stopped at a wrought iron gate

Jen gave me the code to punch in and the gate slowly opened. We drove up to the front of a huge mansion. Gloria was waiting on the front steps.

Gloria was dressed in a gorgeous evening gown. Black, sleeveless, split down the front to just below her navel indian xnxx com, it showed plenty of cleavage, and draped down to just above her strapped.

high heel sandal clad feet. Jen opened her door and got out embracing Gloria and kissing her سکس الکسیس

Hi guys, well, I didn’t expect you this soon, indian xnxx com Jen, you must have behaved better than I expected.

I don’t taste any cock on your lips. Thorn, park in front of the small garage door.

I parked the SUV and walked over to where the two women stood still embraced. Jen’s hand was fondling one of Gloria’s huge breasts.

I’m going to go in and change.

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