ok xnxx Natural big tits fucked and suck cock


ok xnxx Natural big tits fucked and suck cock

ok xnxx My sister Jodie had just turned 19 and was dating a young guy named Brett for the last few months that until a week ago everything seemed normal.

One day while I was home alone at my apartment she knocked in the middle of the day to ask some advise about him that she felt I might have better insight into than our mother ok xnxx.

I invited her in offering her a drink and some smoke as we sat talking while she mustered up the nerve to ask the question that was on her mind about men and specifically bisexual men.

Not that I had all the answers ok xnxx, but she trusted I would tell her the truth knowing I’d dated men and women.

Jodie was a young dark haired knockout that all the young men pursued up through high schools, a slender figure featuring a large rack that made them drool, but Brett didn’t take to making her “feel like an object” in Jodie’s words.

Tall with a strong physique and smart just the way Jodie liked them they had started fooling around sexually recently ok xnxx, but Jodie said he seemed awkward about her body which wouldn’t have been so curious.

Though through a little spying on his computer one day when he stepped out of the room showed he watched mostly bisexual porn and it made her think.

Was this normal or natural for who she thought was a completely straight guy or was he conflicted in some way that Jodie could never satisfy, she was all confused.

I reassured her that most guys his age become curious if they’re open to the idea, but that sometimes it’s all just visually appealing and never gets pursued beyond that with no regrets.

“But how will I know?” she asked as her big blue eyes conveyed that she might be falling hard for this guy and my response was only xnxx videos.

“you can ask him”? That wasn’t happening as she would might have to admit looking through his porno browsing history,

I assured her there was no outward signals if he was or wasn’t gay.

Seemed like my sister did a bit of reading lately and said ok xnxx, “how about a gay test?” as I reeled back at how bad that sounded and asked her to explain سکس جدید.

Jodie had read somewhere on an obscure website, letters from women and men who had “found out” of their lover’s bisexuality by exposing them to temptation.

I listened on as she detailed the scenarios that supposedly transpired in these “set ups” ok xnxx when I had to stop her and say “what are you asking”?

The truth was that Jodie wanted to invite Brett over to hang out at my home under the guise of me being just a gay friend and see if after a few drinks and joints I would be able to tell if he gave off a vibe.

I always liked an excuse to hang out with my sister and living in the house with my puritanical mother needed a place to vent, so I tentatively agreed.

Jodie stayed awhile and as she was leaving asked if the upcoming Saturday would be fine for which I agreed and with a kiss she was gone.

When Saturday rolled around I thought about the situation and how it would all turn out then a knock came at my door and they were there ok xnxx آبلا دنجر.

Jodie introduced us and just as Jodie said Brett was a tall handsome young man with a muscularly built body, so it wasn’t awkward to be attracted to him as we made our way over to the couch.

I put on some light music and offered them up a drink, Brett was quiet at first until we talked about the songs and then he lightened up.

Jodie was dressed in a short black dress that hiked up to just about her cooch every time she moved, black “fuck me” ok xnxx pumps with her dark hair up and her pretty face all dolled to slutty perfection (or so it seemed) in full enticement mode for sex later with him.

For my part I simply wore what I would if I thought a guy who’d been over a few times who wanted sex

made it easy for me to undress in a pair of shorts ok xnxx, sneakers and a tank top without boxers.

Jodie sat between us as we all discussed varying topics, I complimented Brett on his physique as he noticed mine and we talked about working out.

I pulled out a few joints and offered one between us which they both agreed on would be nice ok xnxx.

All high and few drinks in Jodie started leading the conversation to sex for which when she got up, standing bent over my DVD collection and asked rather strangely as she looked at them.

“They are all bisexual ok xnxx, you like women too?” it was a crafty interjection I thought and went on to explain that while I liked men that women were just as fun.

Brett for the most part stared at my sister’s ass just like any straight man would, she was gorgeous and without hesitation threw a DVD into the player ok xnxx.

Jodie turned off the music and returned to the couch without Brett being at all uncomfortable with what she’d done, from there I was watching porno with my sister.

I lit up another joint and gathered up some more drinks for all of us as we watched the action of variety of blowjobs, eating pussy and the fucking of many holes during which everyone was quiet.

We began laughing at the unusual scenarios they came up with in the story and the occasional big dick on screen that made even my sister blush.

As might be expected I got hard and not without notice of my sister’s wandering eye for which she decided it was time to leave us alone for a bit figuring I might “notice something”?

Once alone Brett sipped at his drink as we made small talk when my sister came out of the bathroom and asked if I minded her laying down a bit in my bed before going back to Brett’s house.

“Of course, I’ll keep Brett company” and Jodie was out of the room ok xnxx, I asked Brett if he wanted me to turn off the porno that was ending? Instead he asked if I could put on another while we smoked some more herb.

so I chose one of my favorites of a more familial nature of a family that fucked bisexually and it got pretty hot quick.

Brett felt comfortable rather quick in asking me what it was like being bisexual and how normal it was to still like women so much too? I turned toward him getting more comfy on the couch with my arm across the back and facing him when I said.

“it’s all about the sex for me and not limiting my options of whom I’m attracted to”. With that Brett got more comfortable facing me while we still glanced occasionally at the video playing.

a particular scene came up that I could no longer suppress the rise in my shorts ok xnxx.

At full mast my cock stood out when Brett asked “how my first time with a man unfolded and what we did” and by a look down at his pants I could tell he was turned on as well.

“Well” I proceeded “we were on his couch just like this, drinking and smoking just the same when he confided in me his curiosity that he might be gay and was attracted to me”.

I went on that we watched some bisexual porno and decided to jerk off together when “one thing led to another” and we had sex almost the entire afternoon discovering ourselves.

Brett was visibly turned on by my telling of the story and whether he was aware grazed his cock through his pants a few times while we talked and while watching the porno with my sister.

I didn’t ask permission as I could see the curiosity in his face as I leaned into a drawer beside the couch ok xnxx, placing a tube of lube on the table in front of us and two small towels.

Brett didn’t hesitate to drop his pants showing off a mighty thick dick and I joined him while he stared at my cock twitching with excitement as it leapt from my shorts.

With a handful of lube and a towel close by we both began stroking our cocks together, our eyes watching between the video and our cocks as hard as they cold be at that moment.

Naturally Brett seemed a bit more nervous considering my sister was asleep in the other room and not knowing she was my sister made it all the more interesting to me.

But I assured him she was much more open to sexual ideas than he might have suspected which made him relax as I patted the seat beside me for him to move over closer.

Side by side in clear sight of each other we jerked off when I slipped my hand off my cock and on to his big dick, with my other hand I invited him to jerk me off too ok xnxx.

It got intense really fast for him that I thought he might cum

so I slowed down then without a word Brett leaned down as my cock slipped between his lips and a rather good cocksucker he was for the first time ok xnxx.

My hand was still wet as he curled up on the couch stroking my dick and sucking me into his warm wet mouth, I let my hand drift to my fingers exploring teasing his asshole that he didn’t stop me from doing.

As I had hoped my sister showed up in the doorway and Brett didn’t stop, it would seem he sucked cock with his eyes closed as she made her way quietly to the couch ok xnxx.

On her knees without touching Brett she looked up at me while staring at his hard cock, Jodie wanted a warm reception to this discovery and I wouldn’t disappoint either of them.

I slipped my middle finger in Brett’s ass and just as his cock stiffened it met with my sister’s mouth sucking on his thick prick ok xnxx.

Brett didn’t stop sucking my dick and the sight of my sister blowing him was incredible for me stopping only long enough as she began to strip off her clothes.

Jodie’s body was beautiful with her big swaying along as she deep throat Brett’s amazing dick before moving over and sharing mine with him سكس مساج.

my own sister! I finger fucked Brett’s tight little ass while they took turns sucking my cock and I knew there would have to be more ok xnxx.

I stopped both of them as I told Brett to sit up and lifted my sister to her feet just in front of me giving her a passionate kiss as I guided her back to the couch.

Brett’s cock stood straight up as had my sister sit down on it, he grabbed her hips and thrust his dick up into her pussy.

Having gone too far I figured on going all the way with both of them, I could always blame it on my little sister’s idea if she protested though she didn’t.

I knelt between both their legs and lifted my sister’s off the ground as Brett’s thick cock filled her I leaned forward licking her wet pussy lips, occasionally sucking Brett’s cock and balls as they plowed her.

Brett’s cock slipped out once into my mouth which was filled with the tastes of my sister’s twat and his thick dick across my tongue ok xnxx.

I held his cock tightly to slide into Jodie’s pussy once again as I ate my little

sister’s snatch some more while my cock was stiff as a board slapping between my legs. As she climaxed I asked Jodie to climb down off of Brett cock and kneel in front of him to blow him.

More than she had expected I knelt behind my sister and guided my cock into her pussy with no hesitation she was slamming back into me ok xnxx, my dick deeply slipping through her slick folds into orgasm.

As I could see Brett was getting close I decided to raise the final stakes to all of our pleasures, I said to Jodie “is he good at licking pussy too?” with her mouth half full she said, “yes”!

Breaking us apart for the last time I had Brett lay down between the couch and the table as I pushed it back some to make room, directing my sister to sit on his face as she faced me.

My sister unaware of what I had in mind as Brett’s tongue teased her wet pussy pressing tightly against his face ok xnxx, I grabbed the big pillow from the couch and slipped it under his ass which made him hard.

Jodie leaned forward sucking his cock just below me and leaning forward sucked mine to a full rock hard.

I carefully lifted Brett’s legs around my cocksucker sister’s cheeks and rubbed a bit more of the lube all over my cock.

With my hard tip I penetrated Brett’s virgin ass which he accepted willingly as he ate pussy and got his cock sucked ok xnxx, never knowing how much cock a new asshole could handle I fucked Brett a bit shallow at first.

We were all heated up, my sister cumming across Brett’s face with every muffled climax as she took him deep within her throat.

Leaning back a bit further Brett’s tight asshole seemed to open up and my cock slipped just about all the way as I now knew I could fuck this hot guy harder!

I held Brett’s legs as I thrust my hips impaling his ass deep with long strokes between his cheeks ok xnxx.

the excitement mounting to a conclusion of a lot of cum for everyone. Resting his legs against my shoulders I reached under Brett’s ass as I fucked him hard,

my sister’s cock sucking in a frenzy with us all breathing heavy.

My heavy balls slapped against his tight ass plowing deeper into his asshole until I heard him moan and for my pleasure my little sister’s mouth overflowed with cum running down his shaft.

I was just as close and pulled out while my sister smiled up at me ok xnxx, I grabbed her hair as I jerked off close while thick streams of cum burst from my dick onto her face.

I reached for a towel to hand her as we all separated and came to rest on the couch, Brett placing the towel under his freshly fucked newly popped virgin ass سکس الکسیس.

Jodie sat between us as all her questions were replaced with others including fucking and sucking her own brother ok xnxx, but that would be a story for another time!

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