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xnxx black Kate Barnes looked up at her son and his friend watching her from the upstairs window. With her sunglasses on they could not tell where she was looking.

She was laying on the lounge chair by the pool with her new white bikini on. xnxx black The halter style top only covere d about half of her firm 36 C cup breasts with her big thick nipples poking out against the thin unlined material.

The tiny thong clung revealing to body, the high cut legs showing the smooth sides of her mound where she trimmed her pubic hair. Her legs were spread and her camel toe was quite prominent, the thin material gathered up between her thick, fleshy pussy lips.

She was a exhibitionist and loved showing her beautiful toned body xnxx black. Her son and his friends were her prime targets.

They were all so obvious about looking at her body and their big bulges in their pants excited. She would never do anything with them but she loved to fantasize about being with them.

Her son had started showing his horse cock to her about a month ago xnxx black. He would leave his bedroom door open just enough for her to look in and see him naked.

Sometimes he would come out of the bathroom from his shower his his massive hard cock sticking straight out. Kate had never seen such a long, thick cock before and she felt guilty thinking what it would feel like in her mouth and in her pussy xnxx black.

Damn I want to fuck your mom so bad ! Joey moaned stroking his rock hard cock as he looked out the window at Sandy.

That’s two of us ! Cody replied using both hands to stroke his his massive cock xnxx big boobs.

Maybe she would let us both fuck her at the same time!

Even better let all of us fill her with cum!! Joey added.

I know she did two guys at once, I seen her with my dad and his brother a long time ago xnxx black. She was loving having two cocks at once.

Let me do your big cock and you do mine. Joey moaned reaching over and pushing Cody’s hands from his huge cock xnxx black, sliding his fingers up and down the thick heavy veined shaft. Damn I love playing with your big cock,so fucking big!

Cody reached over and wrapped his fingers around Joey’s long, slender cock, enjoying the feel of his warm cock فیلم سکس خارجی.

Even though she could only see the upper half of the boys she could tell they were jerking off each other watching her. Her bikini bottom was soaked with her juices from her excitement.

Since Joey was spending the night maybe she could watch them doing it. xnxx black Cody always left his door open and she watched him jacking off quite often. I’m such a terrible woman she thought wondering if they sucked each others cocks.

The boys both felt something cold and hard pressing against their backs. DON’T FUCKING MAKE A SOUND OR MOVE! The gruff voice told them.

They were pulled from the window by two strong arms and turned around. xnxx black Cody couldn’t believe there were 4 big black guys in his room and all of them had guns.

Who’s hot mom is that out there? the tallest one said.

Mine. Cody answered quietly.

So you boys were jacking each other off looking at your sexy momma! ‘ another one said laughed. ‘Damn boy you have a black man’s cock ! I’ve never seen a white cock that big!

to be continued

Just take what ever you want !  Cody said trying to sound older xnxx black.

You just go over to the door and call your mom in here donkey cock ! The leader said laughing.

Can I put my shorts on please Cody asked.

NO, you know you like showing that big cock to mommy. He said looking down at the boy’s cock which was not hard and sticking straight out. Even soft his fat cock looked massive. Do it now MOTHER FUCKER!! He pointed his 9mm at him.

Knowing he had no choice he moved over to the door looking out at his beautiful mom, hoping they would not hurt her.

xnxx black Open the door so she can get a good look at you سکس زوری.

Cody opened the door standing in the doorway,  Mom can you come in here please.

Kate looked up at her son surprised he didn’t have his shorts on. A soft shiver swept her body as she sat up looking at his big cock. Okay honey.

she responded standing up and walking towards the house, xnxx black not taking her eyes from her son’s massive cock.

Cody’s cock had shrunk up when they put a gun to his head. Now seeing his mom staring at his cock started twitching around.

Is Joey still here? she asked walking up to him her eyes still on his heavy veined cock.

Yes mom. he said stepping to the side so she could step inside.  xnxx black Why are you half naked Cody? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she gasped seeing Joey sitting on the couch naked.

Before she could say anything else the 4 black guys moved out where she could see them. What the hell are you doing in my house…… get the hell out of her before I call the police.! she screamed at them.

Easy now mom like I told your horny son

just do what we say and no one will get hurt. My name is T.J. and you must be Kate he said walking up to the tall xnxx black, beautiful blonde.

Take whatever you want just don’t hurt us. she replied in a pleading voice. Watching one of the other guys leading Cody over to the couch, his cock still twitching around and growing.

We just want to have a little fun Kate. TJ said reaching out and moving his hand over her firm jutting tits xnxx black.

Kate tried to kick him in the balls but he side stepped and she missed him completely. One of the guys moved behind her and grabbed her around the waist. Cody stood up but was pushed back down hard.

Try anything like that again and your son will get hurt really bad xnxx black, show her Carl سکس جدید ایرانی.

Kate watched in horror as he huge black man pulled out a large hunting knife putting it at the base of Cody’s huge cock.

Please…..please don’t hurt him I will do whatever you say! Kate begged.

The guy behind her let her go and she did not move.

I think your son and his friend want to see you naked Kate.’ TJ said.

Please….please….don’t make me do that!

Take off your top now or Carl will get nasty with your son’s cock.

Kate knew she had no choice and she unhooked the front clasp on her bikini slipping it off.

Her firm round tits stood out on her chest with no sag at all, her big dark brown nipples were hard protruding out almost a inch from the show white flesh.

She looked at her son and Joey, their young cocks were rock hard as they stared at her perfect tits. xnxx black She hated this was happening but excited the way the boys were looking at her.

You have some beautiful tits Kate ! TJ said. So fucking sweet! Hey, Cody tell your mom what you were doing when we came in.

Cody didn’t say anything his face turning bright red. Owwwwwww ohhh he moaned as Carl grabbed his cock and squeezed it real hard letting the knife touch his skin.

We were jacking off watching you through the window mom………..I’m so sorry! Cody confessed. Please forgive me!

Even under the circumstances it excited Kate knowing they were jacking off watching her xnxx black.

Tell her everything Cody. TJ said flashing a big smile.

We were jacking each other off Mom.

Cody said quietly his voice cracking.

That’s okay honey boys do that, I’m not mad at you or Joey Her bikini bottom was wet with her juices. She couldn’t help but look at their cocks.

Do you boys suck each others cocks too? Carl asked. Don’t fucking lie to me or I will cut your horse cock off and shove it in your mommy’s mouth.

Cody doesn’t suck my cock but I suck his. Joey confessed not wanting for his friend to be hurt.

Kate could picture sucking Cody’s big cock and her pussy was extremely wet xnxx black.

Okay mommy let’s see your pussy.

Kate did not hesitate, reaching down she untied her bottom letting it fall to the floor. Standing naked in front of everyone, xnxx black and loving it.

Her blonde cunt hair was neatly trimmed to a one inch landing strip and her thick fleshy cunt lips protruded out past the silky blonde hairs.

She stared at the boy’s cocks twitching around. Carl let go of Cody’s cock and went around to Joey pulling him off the couch. Get on your knees boy !

Joey did as he was told watching the black guy slip his clothes off, his hard cock sticking straight out xnxx black. While not as big as Cody’s his uncut cock was over 8 inches long and extremely thick.

Carl moved over in front of Joey and rubbed the big head of his cock against his lips. Joey slipped out his tongue and licked the sticky precum from the dark purple flesh.

Swirling his tongue all over the mushroomed shaped head then moving down licking the thick shaft.

Even though it was so wrong Kate was loving watching Joey licking the man’s big, black cock .

Ever since her brother and her were blackmailed into sucking their older cousins cocks she enjoy watching 2 guys together.

Come over her in front of your son Kate, xnxx black TJ said taking her buy the arm and guiding her over.

Tell him you want to suck his big cock!

Kate hesitated for a moment looking into her son’s eyes. I want to suck your big cock Cody! she said flashing him a big smile.

She knelt down between his legs moving her hands up and down his thighs. She leaned down and started kissing and licking his tight balls sucking them into her mouth.

She couldn’t help but moan moving her back and fourth spending equal time on both. xnxx black She had fantasized about sucking his young cock for so long and now it was going to happen.

Moving up she started kissing and licking the long, xnxx black thick shaft moving her hands down to fondle his balls. Kissing and licking every inch of the thick heavy veined flesh.

Finally moving up so her mouth was just above the purple head. Looking up at her son she said quietly Tell me what you want Cody…..tell me.

Cody moaned feeling her warm, wet tongue licking up his precum xnxx black. Suck my cock Mom… suck my big fucking cock! looking down at her as she opened her mouth wide slipping her lips around his rock hard cock.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH……OH MOM…MOM your mouth feels so fucking good !

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Date: October 16, 2022

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