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indian xnxx My husband left me years ago and, at the time this story begins, I was thirty-five years old.

I’d been feeling horny for most of this particular day but I still hadn’t done anything to satisfy my arousal before my teenage son came home after visiting friends.
At eighteen years old, Sam was tall with a medium build that wasn’t too muscular, and he kept his black hair short.

He was fit — didn’t smoke — and was extremely well endowed. Yes, I confess I’d seen him in the shower a few times and indian xnxx, although his cock was flaccid, it was impressively long and thick.

Another confession: I often thought about seeing him erect, imagining that it would be huge and hard.
Truthfully, I got wet thinking about his cock and when I heard him in his bedroom with various girlfriends I was in floods. Oh yes.

Sam was definitely advanced for his age and enjoyed giving and receiving oral and fucking, given the chance xnxx com.
And Sam also loved to flirt, even with me. In fact, for weeks he constantly flirted, following me around the house, getting more and more naughty with his remarks and grinning at me.

It became obvious that my young son had ideas about fucking me.
I did not discuss this with him but there was no mistaking the signals. I knew he wanted to fuck me — and, as it was some time since I’d had a hard cock, I was truly tempted.

So, I came to a decision: if Sam made the first move indian xnxx, I wouldn’t stop him سکس در خواب

It’s early evening and we’ve just finished eating. In the lounge, my son is sitting on our large settee and I waste no time settling next to him and sipping more of the red wine I’d started drinking during our meal.

The wine is making me feel hot while we exchange small talk, chatting about ordinary every day happenings indian xnxx. Just one difference:

I feel sexual energy building between us.

It’s the way he’s looking at me, especially my breasts. He’s drooling.

I stand and turn on a small lamp at the side of the settee, then slowly walk over to switch off the main light indian xnxx. In the subdued glow, I return to sit alongside Sam.

Almost immediately, he puts a hand on one of my big tits and caresses it over the top of my thin blouse. My hard nipple tells its own story but I say nothing. After all the weeks of flirting, my son is finally making his move.
Clearly encouraged by my silence, indian xnxx he puts his other hand on my knee and gradually slides it up the inside of my thigh.

My skirt just about covers my pussy and as my naughty teen son fondles my breasts and pinches the hard nipples, I see a remarkable bulge in his jeans فلم سکس عربی.
Unchallenged, he slides his hand further towards my panties and I open my legs, providing my horny son with easier access indian xnxx.

Gently he rubs along my pants and I feel very aroused and moist. His bulge is even bigger now and I reach down to feel his hardness. We both rub and feel over our clothes; Sam gets even harder and I get wetter indian xnxx.

We’re not speaking — our hands are doing all the talking — and I want to fuck him but it will not be on this settee.

My bed is in the adjoining room and, with the sexual heat at fever pitch indian xnxx, I whisper, Hey, Sam, why don’t you come to mummy’s bedroom and we’ll see what comes up.
Oh, yes, he grins, I’d love to go to your bedroom with you.
When we stand, I see his lump is now enormous. Oh my, I say, it seems you have a problem. Would you like mummy to sort that out and show you what your father is missing?

Oh, yes mummy. He’s definitely eager. I want you mummy; I’ve wanted you for ages سکس با دختر خوشگل.

Oh, you’re very naughty, Sam. I smile at him. Listen, I didn’t come on to you but I had decided that if you made a move, I wouldn’t stop you indian xnxx.
I hoped that’s what you were thinking. You know I’ve not had a girlfriend for a while but, honestly, I’ve been thinking about you for ages. That’s why I’ve been flirting with you.
Well, we’re alone now, son. indian xnxx We can go to my bedroom and have fun.

Do you want to come to my bed?

He nods. Oh yes, please.
Okay, babe, follow mummy.

Facing each other at the side of the double bed, we caress intimate places before stripping off our clothes فیلم سکس ایرانی.

indian xnxx The bed creaks when we get on and I’m soaking wet and horny as fuck. Lying naked next to him, my virile son is on his back and his cock is hugely erect.

I can see Sam’s anxious to get it inside me, to be fucking my mature wet pussy.
I stroke Sam’s long hard teenage cock and also move a hand over his smooth chest, indian xnxx playing with his nipples and licking them.

I plant kisses on his firm chest, over his tummy, and down to his groin. I lift his cock to my mouth and suck on the head while I stroke his shaft and play with his full, heavy balls.

My randy son fingers my pussy and I take his cock from my mouth to admire his stupendous erection. indian xnxx It’s glistening with pre-cum and twitches and pulses in my hand.

I resume licking and sucking and Sam is rampant, wanting much more. He wants to fuck me, and I want to fuck him.
I get on my back, spread my legs apart. Come on, Sam, fuck mummy. You can go all the way, babe… I’ve had my tubes tied indian xnxx.

Fuck me and cum in your mummy.

You do want to get your horny cock in mummy, don’t you?

Oh yes, I want my hard cock up your big wet pussy.
Okay, get between my legs and get your cock in me indian xnxx. Do it now, Sam.
With that, he moves between my thighs, his young cock upright up. It has a slight bend but it’s fully erect, ready to spear me.

In position, he pushes closer and his large knob meets my puffy open pussy lips indian xnxx. My inner pussy lips welcome him and he thrusts in and out, up and down.

Yes, the fucking of my horny pussy from my randy young teenage son has begun.

We’re locked together, fucking hard and then fucking slow, my mature pussy taking my son’s long and thick hard cock As he fucks indian xnxx, I rub my clit and also massage the top of his pulsating shaft. That drives him to fuck me harder.

The sounds of our passionate sex

squelching, slapping flesh, groaning and gasping fills the room. Sam’s powerful teen cock is giving me orgasm after orgasm and he has great stamina.

He keeps pounding me but doesn’t cum while I bounce on the firm mattress indian xnxx, bucking to meet my son’s strong plunging cock.

Goodness, the fucking is intense.
‘My god, the stamina of youth,’ indian xnxx I think when my son suddenly pulls out and turns me onto my hands and knees.

He gives it to me doggy style, driving his long rod into my depths, slapping against my buttocks until he finally he erupts.

I cum with him and then it’s over.
We lay resting for a while before he slips off to wash and I go for a shower. As the warm water flows over me, indian xnxx I feel no shame that my young son has just fucked me.

The taboo is broken — and I loved it XXX.

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