romantic xnxx lady makes her man spray cum all over her


romantic xnxx lady makes her man spray cum all over her

romantic xnxx I looked at Ariel with daggers in my eyes. What, the hell!

Relax Thorn. It will be better for her without him using a condom. You saw last night how his huge cock pulled Shelly’s pussy in and out. Shelly told me the condom actually made her very sore because it felt like it was sticking to her.

I bet she doesn’t get stretched nearly as bad as Shelly did. Ariel tried to put me at ease kajal xnxx.

I can’t wait to get some of that huge cock myself now, he’s coming with me tomorrow to the concert at the golf course. And afterwards, who knows.

Hmmm, you going to share him with us? romantic xnxx asked.

Maybe, depends on what Thorn says about that! She laughed.

Back in the VIP room, Amy was now in position and Jim was behind her. He lowered his head and began licking her slit.

I realized he was lubing her up for his monster cock. سکس در حمام Once he was satisfied she was wet enough romantic xnxx, he pressed the tip of his cock against her wet pussy.

I’ll go slow he told her just let me know when to stop if needed

Jim pressed the tip of his cock into Amy’s pussy. The tip slid right in romantic xnxx. Amy’s head was resting on the arm of the couch and her face was visible to us. There was a slight grimace at the intrusion, but nothing more.

Slowly he inched his thick cock in farther. As the next few inches slid in, Amy’s face showed some pain and she gritted her teeth.

This and the next few inches was the thickest part of his enormous dick. Her eyes went wide and she reached back and touched his thigh, indicating for him to stop. Jim stopped and rubbed Amy’s ass with his hands.

Ugh, wow, you’re really thick. Just give me a few seconds to relax romantic xnxx. She told him.

Okay, I’m going to spread your ass cheeks when I resume, that should help you take the next few inches, then you’ll have the thickest part of me inside. He told her.

After about thirty seconds, Amy removed her hand, Jim, spreading Amy’s ass cheeks apart سکس دختر با دختر
, romantic xnxx slowly resumed sinking his cock deeper into her.

Again the grimace on her face as the next few thick inches entered her love tunnel

but she didn’t stop him. Now the thickest part of his cock was fully inside her. Amy’s face returned to normal.

Jim had at least seven inches inside Amy at this point. He still had about four more inches until the base of his cock.

Shelly had only taken about an inch more last night before he bottomed out in her. It would be interesting to see how much of him Amy could take.

The next four inches actually slid into her rather easily. romantic xnxx Well, babe, you’ve done it! You’ve taken all eleven inches of big Jim inside you. He complimented her.

A triumphant grin broke out on Amy’s face. She could now brag to Shelly that she took all of Jim’s cock. I knew, however, that the hardest part was yet to come.

When Jim would start withdrawing his cock to actually begin fucking her she would experience the whole intrusion in reverse.

Wow! Jen and romantic xnxx both said in unison. You were right Ariel, she took him into the hilt!

I figured she could. She told me when she and Shelly used dildos she could always take in more than Shelly, although they both said nothing they ever used was as big as his cock.

Jim knew what he was doing, he moved side to to side, effectively widening her hole before he slowly slid his cock out to where the thickest part was still in Amy.

then drove it slowly back in, again rocking side to side. He did this several times سکس الکسیس . romantic xnxx His cock was wet and shiny with Amy’s natural lubricants.

Then, as he withdrew, he began bringing the thicker part of his cock out and in.

Amy’s face had a slight look of pleasure on it

They began to get into a rhythm, each time Jim withdrew his dick, Amy would pull away slightly. Then as he’d push in she’d push back against him. Soon, his whole length, except for the head, was going in and out.

Holding on to Amy’s ass he spread her cheeks even further apart and increased the pace of his pounding her pussy romantic xnxx. Amy’s eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth dropped open.

He was fucking her incredibly hard now. His cock was being painted white with her thick pussy cream romantic xnxx. Although we could see her pussy lips being stretched and pulled as he fucked her, they weren’t being stretched as much as he’d stretched and pulled Shelly’s.

His cock head was now exiting and re-entering at a fast pace. Each time it was out, her once small pussy was now gaping wide فیلم سکس ایرانی.

Now that he was sliding in and out easily he let go of her ass cheeks and reached underneath her to rub her clit as he fucked her. Amy was moaning in pleasure and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she climaxed.

Sure enough, it started with her lower body beginning to quiver then she broke out in goosebumps and her whole body began to shake.

Her breath was coming in loud gasps and her moaning became louder. romantic xnxx Her tits were hanging down ano her nipples were hard as diamonds.

I’m going to cum, oh fuck, I’m cuming, oh yes فيلم سكس گروهي
, your huge cock feels so good, I’m going to cum on your huge cock! Fuck me harder! Harder, fuck yes, yes!

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Date: October 17, 2022

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