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telugu aunty xnxx You like that? You want me to do more? How about this? She she said taking the head into her hot wet mouth telugu aunty xnxx.

She sucked and licked the head of my cock while she jacked the shaft and used her nails on my nut sack telugu aunty xnxx. It was incredible. She released my cock head with a loud slurp and lowered her hips down pushing her pussy towards my wet cock. I could see the wetness on her lips protruding from the lovely soft auburn hair there.
Taking my cock in hand she placed it at the entrance to her love hole telugu aunty xnxx, just inside her lips and began undulating. Again an incredible sensation pulsed from my cock to my nerves. I started to reach for her intending on bringing her down and penetrate her hot pussy.

Oh no Mister, no touching! You just lay back and enjoy

She smirked at me, totally in control.
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For the next half hour she tormented me practicing her moves for the upcoming night at the club. I had to admit she was very good.

Finally I’d had enough telugu aunty xnxx. I grabbed her and roughly threw her facedown on the couch with her hips over the arm. Then, grabbing her arms and holding them behind her back, I roughly began fucking her.

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Ugh, fuck yes dad, argh ugh, fuck, fuck me hard. She repeated over and over.

She was so excited my cock was making wet slurping sounds as I thrusted in and out. White pussy cream coated my cock. I let go of her arms and she braced herself meeting each of my thrusts in by moving her hips back into me, taking me deeper than ever before.

My hands now free I spread her ass cheeks and watched as her pussy lips stretched in and out with each powerful thrust. Then, rubbing my thumbs in her wetness, I began using them to push on her tiny puckered butt hole. Slowly penetrating her with one, then the other thumb.

Oh yes! Yes, that feels amazing. She moaned.

With two thumbs in her ass telugu aunty xnxx, she wriggled against my hands. My cock was pulsing my balls aching for release from everything the night had brought.

I’m going to cum. I told her.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. She chanted raising her ass as best she could to meet my thrusts. Me to!

With a hard push I buried my cock deep into her hot wet cunt and shot load after load of my seed. I came so hard my balls ached.
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God that was great daddy, you need to fuck my ass, just like you used to fuck aunt Bev’s telugu aunty xnxx. She hissed as I withdrew my softening penis. I want to feel your dick in my ass, not your thumbs or fingers.

We’ll see about that. I said as I helped her up from the couch
Welcome back. Great continuation. Can't wait for more and the new story
Aunt Bev said it was great and I want to try it. She added.

My little girl had become a sex fiend just like me telugu aunty xnxx. We showered together and went to bed. Thank goodness I had a late tee time the next day.
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To be continued with Chapter 12

Also there will be a new story coming telugu aunty xnxx, one about a young girl golfer that I took under my wing to become a professional golfer. Stay tuned for that hot story.

Looking back, I should’ve seen the signs. For the last few weeks, our daughter has been different. She’s looked at us strangely and our conversations have been a little more strained.

I just assumed it was due to something in her personal life. She’s always been ambitious and goal oriented. Last summer, she decided she was going to do a 100mile bike ride.

She trained for weeks before the event. Throughout the ride, she had this look and determination that I’ve never seen from her. She finished the ride and was ecstatic.

I was extremely proud of her that day (not that I wasn’t before). Not just is she determined, she’s also beautiful. Just starting to fill out her dresses.

Hair that flows past her shoulders. Soft eyes that are easy to look at. She reminds me of my wife when we were younger. She’s a good kid and I trust her judgment 100%.

That’s why when she came to my wife and I last night to ask to go out with friends for the evening and wouldn’t be back until late, my wife and I had no issue and gave her the ok, no questions asked.

All day today has been yet a different side of her

At times giddy. Other times she had a nervousness about her. She did her chores and homework, went upstairs and spent the next couple hours getting ready to go out with her friends.

When she came out of her room, her hair was done up with a light curl. She was wearing her winter coat already and all I saw were her tight covered legs and her heels.

She said bye to us on her way out the door and practically ran to her car and then she was off for the night سکس زیبا.

My wife was sitting there reading a book in her normal sweatshirt and jeans. Darn I love those legs of hers and just knowing what was under that sweatshirt was driving me wild.

So, I asked her, Honey, I know we just went out on a date night two weeks ago, but Alexandra is gone for the night. Why don’t we go to the club again tonight?

OMG Sure. She said, as she bounded upstairs to change. I hear her going through the closet and go upstairs to change myself and see what’s going on.

The sight in front of me is amazing. My beautiful wife is on her hands and knees digging in her closet. But she’s completely naked. I can’t find my dress, she tells me.

Could you have dropped it two weeks ago? If I remember correctly, you didn’t wear it home from the club. I’ve got my slacks on and am pulling out a polo shirt at this point.

No, I washed it and knew it was here. I guess I’ll look for it later. She stands and grabs a sundress off a hanger and slips it on.

It shows about half of the top of her beautiful c cup breasts. The valley between them is just begging to be kissed. I fight the urge and grab my shoes. She does the same.

As she bends over to put her shoes on, I catch just a glimpse of her nipple. I almost decided to skip the club and throw her onto the bed. Instead I grab the keys and coats and we walk out to the car and head over to the club.

When we got to the club, there’s about 30 cars there. Pretty busy night it appears. We head in and see Bill the door man.

Good evening Fred, glad to see you again. Cindy, as beautiful as always, as he looked her up and down. Bob and Kim are here. They’ll be excited to see you. They were upset they missed you two weeks ago.

I told them I didn’t expect you back for another week or two

Well, we got a surprise evening free so here we are! my wife responded as she did a little courtesy with her dress. We paid the cover fee, put our coats in a locker, and proceeded through the door and into the dance floor area.

I’m going to find Bob and Kim, why don’t you mingle a bit and we’ll catch up to you, my wife suggested. I gave her a kiss and cupped her tight butt. She slapped it away saying, Patience, patience and took off into the crowd.

I turned around and spied a couple actively going at it on the couch. I recognized them as Brenda and Jake. They were married to other people. I’ve been with Brenda myself; however, her fake tits didn’t do much for me. Her husband’s a lawyer and she treated herself to an upgrade.

As I pan around something caught my attention. I looked back and there in the crowd. The hair! Omg it looked just like my daughter Alexandra’s hair.

I paused to study her a little more. She was a little shorter than the others standing around her. She was skinny/petite. Her legs were bare and athletic and toned.

There was confirmation that it was somebody else. Alexandra was wearing tights when she left the house. And then I noticed the dress aunty xnxx.

It looked just like the one Cindy wore two weeks ago. All of the sudden everything clicked into place. I walk quickly and quietly up behind her to not reveal to her that I was here.

Right as I got behind her, I grabbed her right arm and pulled it back, slipped my left arm around her front side, it landed on her stomach. My fingers on the outside of the dress, but my thumb slipping under the top of her dress and feeling bare skin.

She took a deep breath to scream, but didn’t

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