xnxx hindi stepmom with Daughters boyfriend Threesome sex


xnxx hindi sexy stepmothers with Daughters boyfriend Threesome sex

xnxx hindi We managed to get to the warm and refreshing water without much more attention than those already watching my wife’s big round ass shake as she walked fast.

Almost immediately she hugged me and with the water still just a bit above the waist, she jumped on top of me and wrapped her legs on me…squeezing her still hot pussy on my cock and kissing me passionately.

She was horny…and so was I. My cock found quickly a way to slide into her pussy and we begun to fuck xnxx hindi…right on the shallow beach and nearly 10 feet from the sand.

We were just too into the moment to even stop to look around or realize we were practically having sex in front of everyone looking sunny leone xnxx.

My wife’s tight pussy wrapped my cock and squeezed my cock till we both came. There was so much cum around us but we were relieved…for the time being at least.

Before walking out we noticed there were quite a few more folks roaming around the beach and there were a few under the tents stroking themselves and fingering their wife’s as well.

We started to come out and more folks just gathered closer to see us xnxx hindi, like wanting to meet movie starts of something LOL.

I was still semi-hard but my wife’s big round bouncing tits and little landing strip were just stealing the show.

I could see eyes just drawn to her tits and tiny pussy and at the same time just stroking careless to her body. xnxx hindi Aa expected, she was shy and looking down..walking fast to the towels to lay down.

She went ahead a few steps in front of me and I just glanced at her big ass as it moved and jumped at the pace of her short steps on the sand.

Got a few thumbs up from guys around me and headed back to the towel.

She went back to face down position but this time stayed naked, with her ass in full view and her legs slightly opened so her pussy could get some air….and inadvertently, a great view for those walking behind her.

Not long after, she asked to put lotion again and to my surprise, she turned around and laid there fully naked waiting for me to rub sunscreen in her tits, legs, and pussy. There she was.

in full view of pretty much everyone passing by or gathered around showing off her gorgeous tits and tight landing strip pussy xnxx hindi فیلم سکس افغانی.

Needless to say, I got hard again and came just by rubbing her body and playing with her clit and nipples. I saw at least a few more cocks full of cum close by

One movie was with a man they met on vacation. Another showed his best friend fucking his wife in the living room xnxx hindi.

He backed it up once more to watch his wife beg his best friend to fuck her harder as she started cumming in another man’s arms.

Dan was lost in the video when he wife walked in the front door.. xnxx hindi Quickly he turned off the computer .

Hi baby, she said.

Your late, I said.

I’m sorry, It took longer than normal she chuckled wrapping her arms around my neck and rubbing her mound on my simi-hard cock.

And who was this that took longer? I asked.

Oh it’s someone you know. My wife growled at me playfully.

Did you let him cum inside you?

Let’s shower and talk about it later my wife suggested.

I watched in awe as my wife undid the buttons on her blouse revealing her bra-less boobs. Oops I forgot to put my bra back on xnxx hindi. Then dropping her skirt she added I wonder where my panties are?

I couldn’t take it any longer and pushed my wife to the bed and pulled her hips up to my face and started lapping and sucking her cum filled pussy.

I swirled my tongue under her clit as my wife moans of pleasure filled the room.
So he did cum in you. I replied.

Babe you lick my pussy so good. Yes I let him cum in me.

I never stopped sucking her cunt as cries of joy and heart splitting orgasms took over her body.

As she ca!med down I let next to her listening to her gasping breath xnxx hindi. She looked beautiful.

The following weekend on our Anniversary I softly whispered in my wife’s ear. So, who was it?

Who was what? She replied. Nothing happened, darling. xnxx hindi He took me to his house and we fucked. That’s it.

I will tell you it wasn’t the first time.

My wife drew a breath and gently squeezed my cock. I ran into someone you work with several months ago. He invited me to lunch. I accepted .

I had a glass of wine then a second and ended up in his apartment for the night. You where out of town on business at the time.

My wife stood over me then knelt between my legs. Her warm mouth kissed my growing cock.

Do you want to know who’s been fucking me? She asked xnxx hindi.

Better yet , would you like to watch him fuck me? My wife said. xnxx hindi But only if you promise to be a good boy honey.

Yes, yes, I promise سکس کره ای.

I can’t hear you darling.

Yes, I promise.

Ok, consider this my Anniversary present to you.

Kissing my cock she said he’s much bigger than you .

Matter of fact he fucks me better to.

I didn’t care. I wanted to watch so bad سكس مساج.

Tell me how he fucked you. I requested .

My wife told me after calling him . It’s time she said. Come on over and fuck me xnxx hindi. Oh bring my bra and panties please.

Earlier today I went to his office. I didn’t want to become your office is just down the hall. But he over-powder me xnxx hindi . He’s a strong black bastard.

Your lying, honey.

No I am not lying. He fucked me in my ass on his desk.

Sometime around 10 pm he arrived. My jaw dropped when my boss put his hand out and said Dan, nice to see you.

I tried my best not to notice the smile on my wife’s face as he pulled my wife close to him. His hands started groping her in front of me.

What do you think he asked me ایران سکس.

I think I need a raise xnxx hindi. I replied.

My head and heart started spinning when he harder my wife her bra and panties. xnxx hindi Then a larger gift bag with an anniversary present. Congratulations to you both on your anniversary. Go ahead open it my boss said.

Inside was a spider web black lace top and a black thong. Go ahead try it on my boss suggested.too

My wife headed to the bedroom. When she returned she called out to him. My wife had transformed herself from a white wife to a hungry slut. xnxx hindi The fabric clinging perfectly to her body.

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