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aunty xnxx It’s been way too long, I hope you are all still out there and ready for the story to continue aunty xnxx. Here is the finish of Chapter 11.

Part 11 continued:

Okay, when we get back to the hotel, I’m going to fuck you like a total stranger! I told her.

Now we’re talking. She said as she unfastened her safety belt and leaned over. Her head was on my crotch and she was blowing hot breath through my jeans.

I pulled into a vacant spot in the hotel parking lot. It was right under a light سکس چت. I got out and went around to the passenger side. Amy opened the door and climbed out. I grabbed her and pushed her against the side of the SUV aunty xnxx.

What are you doing? She yelped.

I said nothing. Unbuttoning her blouse, I pulled it partially down, effectively pinning her arms to her side and exposing her firm breasts. Her nipples were hard as diamonds. Hiking her skirt up to her waist I slid my fingers into her wet cunt aunty xnxx.

Somebody might see us! Ignoring her I spun her around, pushed her inside the open door face down on the seat سکس مقعدی, and unzipped my jeans.

Good, my little slut daughter, maybe I’ll let them have a go at you too. aunty xnxx

My cock was rock hard. I spread her ass cheeks and buried it in her pussy. Long stroking her. I made sure to pull all the way out before slamming my cock back in her again, over and over.

Amy was making little moaning sounds as I fucked her. I was getting close to exploding. I stopped.

Don’t stop! She cried. I was close to cumming.

Me too. We’ll continue this in the room. I pulled her up and out of the car.

I don’t know what had gotten into me. I’d kind of lost it. Thinking of her wanting that guy’s big dick set me off. She wanted a fucking and I was going to give it to her, daughter or not!

I hadn’t tucked my cock back in yet فلم سکس ایران. Amy dropped to her knees on the pavement and took me in her mouth. aunty xnxx Her hot lips and tongue went to work. She brought me to the verge of squirting a load and stopped. I groaned.

There, now we’re even daddy. She said with a smirk on her face. Now lets go to the room and finish the job!

I zipped up and she re-buttoned her blouse. A couple rounded the cars and gave us a strange look فیلم سکس خارجی. I had no idea how much if any of our little show they had witnessed. Amy laughed and took my hand leading me towards the entrance aunty xnxx.

At the room, she entered first and by the time I’d locked and latched the security clasp, she was already naked except for her heels. She led me to the couch pushing me down on the cushions.

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I’m going to practice my club lap dance moves on you. Pretend like you don’t know me دانلود فیلم سکس. I’m now just a hot exotic dancer you’re paying to get you off. She started swaying to music that was playing in her head.

I had to admit, watching her and making believe she was just a dancer in a club, was really turning me on.

Why mister she said What’s that I see in your pants? Maybe I should take a closer look.

She knelt down in front of me and began unzipping my jeans. My hard cock popped out. She started stroking it with her hands.

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Date: October 15, 2022

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