zazie skymm anal Mobster fucks old man’s slutty wife and daughter


zazie skymm anal Mobster fucks old man’s slutty wife and daughter

zazie skymm anal I’m sitting on the couch watching some porn and stroking myself, when the door bell rings, I put a blanket around me and answered the door, I open the door to my amazement, it’s the younger lesbian woman that my wife was having a relaxing with.

I invited her in and I quess she could see that I still had a hard on, So is that because your happy to see me, oh sorry I say to her, I was just masturbating watching some porn.

Then she says to me, well too bad, that’s when she opened her rain coat and she was completely naked under it, So tell me, do you come over like that for just little old me.

I’m sure you know my wife is at work today, Yes I do, I called out sick so I could come over here to spend time with you alone, Ever since we spent the weekend together, all I can think about is you.

You find you one attractive older man and one amazing older man that definitely knows what he’s doing in bed, What I want from you now is that just the two of us have incredible sex together.

nothing hardcore just some very passionate love making zazie skymm anal, I take her by the hand and pick her up and gently place her on the bed kerala xnxx

I start with her toes, kissing her feet, sucking on them too zazie skymm anal, I slowly work my way up, but I go pass her sweet delicious pussy, I go up and suck on each tit one at a time.

then we start to do a deep passionate kiss, and I reach down and put my hard cock by her throbbing already wet pussy فیلمهای سکس

I take my sweet ass time

I wanted her to experience the best I have to offer zazie skymm anal, But I quess she couldn’t wait Zazie Skymm porn, she grabbed my cock and put it in her pussy and I knew that I needed to shove it in all the way,
We lay there together, my cock in her wet pussy and we’re passionately kissing, We stop and she says to me looking me in the eyes.

Start giving me the best fuck I’ve ever had, then finish by shooting your cum as deep up my pussy as possible, I start by slowly going in and out, then pick up the pace every now and then,
Now we kinda rolled over so she could be on top zazie skymm anal, As she’s pouncing on my cock, I’m pinching her nipples.

She leans in so I could suck on them too, She gets off and gets on all four and I didn’t need to ask, I got behind her and started fuckin her from behind, but just her pussy, because she wanted it to be romantic sex, But I was wrong because now she’s asking to get fucked up the ass.

This going on for some time now, but my load was building up, I turn her over and get between her legs, put my cock back in her pussy, I begin to pump as fast as I could, as I’m doing that I tell her, baby you wanted it, well you are about to get it زازی اسکایم anal, Now I’m ramming in as deep as possible and start to tell her, here it cums.

To even my surprise, I had one big load, shot after shot after shot, She’s telling me, oh thank you, thank you, then grabs my ass and pulls me in so my cock can’t fall out.

Something on your mind baby, yes there is, I want you to be the father of my child, I don’t want to go to the spermbank, your wife knows that I want a child and she gave me her blessings to seduce you to get you to fuck her to try to get me pregnant.

And we’re going to fuck every single day till I become pregnant

Don’t worry, I’m not going to have you responsible for the child, I do believe your wife has not told you, I’m a lesbian because I don’t like men, not because they turn me off and I love to be with a woman, It’s because I’m rich and don’t need to worry about money, I feel it in my heart that you and your wife are good people.

and I can’t think of anyone else to get me pregnant zazie skymm anal, Well if that’s the case, I’m going to fuck you and dump as much cum in you as possible .

Nothing like fuckin a hot young lesbian like you to give a older man like myself total confidence that he still has it lol, She says, I love that fact that you will have sex with another man too, it was absolutely amazing to watch you with the gay guy the other night فیلم سکس ایرانی.

You take as much as you give, I love that in a man as much as a woman zazie skymm anal, Me and you and your wife are going to get extremely intimate ,passionate, and very close in the weeks and months to come, Now since I feel your cock getting hard inside again, get me another amazing fuck please, daddy.

As I’m fuckin her again

I didn’t notice what time it was, in comes my wife, so I see you started on giving her the child she wants, Yes we’ve been at it all afternoon zazie skymm anal, this is the third time that I will be dumping a load in her, That’s my man, my wife says, but save some energy for me, I was fuckin horny all day just thinking of the two of you.

Then the lesbian says to my wife, don’t worry honey, I’ll put a strap on and fuck you if he is spent, Anyway you look at it honey zazie skymm anal, one or both will give you as many massive orgasms as you possibly can have.

Now that’s what I’m talking about, my dear husband, my dear lesbian lover, taking care of my needs zazie skymm anal.

We go late into the night till my wife had to get some sleep before she had to get up for work زازی اسکایم, But tomorrow night is another night, another day of sex for everyone.

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Date: October 17, 2022

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