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telugu sexy video The voice woke me from my sex induced slumber. Jen was standing beside the bed in a sexy sheer nightgown, hands on her hips.

Kris opened her eyes. “Good morning mom, you look stunning in that nightgown. Why don’t you take it off and join Thorn and I?”

I looked at the bedside clock. I had about forty-five minutes to shower, telugu sexy video shave and dress to leave for the course.

“That would be great, but I have to get up and get ready, I’m already running late,” I said.

I turned and gave Kris a kiss and got up. Jen wrapped her arms around me and we kissed.

“I’m glad to see the two of you hooked up,” Jen said. “We’ll have a threesome another time, maybe make it four with Telugu.”

“That would be fun,” Kris said telugu sexy video. “I haven’t had sex with Telugu since the last time I was here to visit. I bet the three of us could wear Thorn out!”

“I’m sure you could, and I’ll look forward to that, but right now I have to get ready,” I said.

“I’ll join you in the shower,” Kris said as she got out of bed tamil aunty xnxx.

“I’ll have a cup of coffee ready for you when you guys when you come downstairs,” Jen said. “Have a nice shower.”

In the shower it was impossible for me to keep my hands off Kris’s body. I soaped her up and massaged everything.

especially her huge tits telugu sexy video. We kissed and fooled around as the hot water washed over our body’s.

Kris soaped my cock and balls up and gave me a nice gentle washing there.

I had to stop her from doing more as I knew time was growing short. We dried each other off and kissed some more.

Returning to the bedroom I dressed in my golf attire for the final round. telugu sexy video Kris asked if I had a shirt she could wear downstairs for our cup of coffee and I gave her a golf shirt.

She slipped it over her naked body. I must admit it really looked sexy. Her big tits pushed against the thin material and the shirt looked like a mini dress falling just below her butt cheeks. We headed down for our cup of coffee.

Jen and Telugu were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. telugu sexy video Jen and Telugu both had on sheer nightgowns.

Have a seat and I’ll pour you each a cup,” Jen said as she got up from the table سکس دختر.

Kris and I sat next to each other at the table. Her hand found my thigh and stroked it all the way up to my cloth covered cock. She traced the outline of my hardening member with her fingernails as it throbbed to her touch.

Kris, your just glowing this morning. Did you sleep well?” Telugu asked.

I did, she answered. And I woke up to a wonderful morning also telugu sexy video.” She added as she stroked my cock harder underneath the table.

She’s glowing because Thorn fucked her silly this morning,” Jen said. I knew the two of them would be perfect for each other.” She set two cups of black coffee down in front of us.

I took a sip of the hot dark brown liquid. Jen was right, there was just something about Kris.

besides her huge tits that just seemed so right for me.

She looked lovingly into my eyes as she sipped the hot black liquid and stroked my cock. I returned her gaze.

This would certainly be an interesting week at the mansion. I would be spending time with seven hot sexy females.

Mike strolled into the kitchen looking like he’d been run through the ringer. telugu sexy video He had a sheepish grin on his face.

“Good morning Mike, I’ll get you a cup of java,” Jen said سکس دختر پسر.

Then added as she was pouring a cup for him, “Did we wear you out last night?”

“Good morning everyone. I must say, the four of you took me to my limits. It was a wonderful night.”

Jen handed Mike his cup of coffee and gave him a deep kiss telugu sexy video. Then her hand dropped to his crotch.

“You were great, I can’t believe you were able to last as long as you did. That was one of the biggest cum loads I’ve ever had.

What really amazed me was you were able to cum for both the twins telugu sexy video. Telugu missed out, but you can make that up to her this week.” She released him and he took a seat by Telugu .

We all chatted as we sipped the coffee. Telugu told me that Thorn’s Rose’s would be out in force to cheer me on and that I’d love the outfits Ariel had for them today.

Mike and I finished our coffee, got kisses from all the girls and I headed for the door. I fully intended to get last night’s story from Mike on the way to the course.

Mike and the girls telugu sexy video

“So,” I started the conversation with Mike as we pulled out onto the road telugu sexy video. “Why don’t you tell me about last night.”

“Thorn, those women are unbelievable. They just can’t get enough cock or pussy telugu sexy video. We had an unbelievable fuck fest.” He began to spin the story of his night.

“They were all amped up after the concert. We’d been fooling around all during the show, dancing, making out, doing everything but fucking right there سوپر سکس.

The four of them danced with me and several other guys. I hadn’t been with Jen yet and Telugu wanted to make sure the two of us hooked up telugu sexy video.

I was feeling Jen’s big tits rubbing her pussy

and getting her all worked up. Gawd Thorn those tits are fantastic! Anyway when we got back, we all got naked, all but Kris that is, she left us to go get some sleep, we got in the spa and then the fun started.

I was in heaven, four chicks and me, in the hot tub! They took turns sitting on my cock. First was Telugu , she sat on my dick facing away from me as I squeezed her tits while I pounded away at her pussy.

Then she had Jen come over and switch places with her except Jen sat on my cock facing me so I could make out with her as I played with her big tits and fucked her.

I could see Telugu and the twins enjoying watching me pound away at her. Then the twins each took a turn on my cock. telugu sexy video My cock was hard as a steel rod. We got out of the spa, dried off and headed to Telugu master bedroom.

There the action got really hot! telugu got on all fours on the huge bed and I pounded her in the ass while I played with her clit.

She came three or four times! She has a great ass to fuck! The twins and Jen were munching each other’s carpets while I was doing that telugu sexy video.

Then Jen crawled over and I started fucking her doggy too!” Mike paused to catch his breath.

“Damn, Mike, are you going to be able to carry my clubs today?” I asked telugu sexy video. “Sounds like you had quite the workout last night.”

He laughed “I’ll be fine.” Then he continued as we pulled into my parking spot at the golf course سکسی روسی.

”So, I’m fucking Jen doggy and Donna slips underneath my ass and starts licking my balls while I’m fucking Jen. Telugu slid under Jen’s chest and started licking and sucking her nipples.

Then Deb took Donna’s place under my balls and licked my balls and my cock as it slid in and out of Jen’s pussy telugu sexy video.

I looked down and Donna had gotten between her mom’s spread legs and was licking her mom’s pussy as she sucked Jen’s tits telugu sexy video.

Well, when I saw that I started pounding Jen’s pussy like a jackhammer. telugu sexy video It didn’t take long and I was cumming like a fire hose in Jen’s pussy.

I pulled out of her and Deb started licking and sucking my cum out of Jen’s leaking cunt. It was unbelievable! After that, the twins and I went to our bedroom and Telugu and Jen went to theirs.

I just wish Kris would have joined us, that would have really made the night telugu sexy video.”

Then he finished up his story of the night telugu sexy video.

“Even though I’d cum so hard in Jen, I was still able to fuck both the twins telugu sexy video. Then we fell asleep. What a night of fucking!”

“Damn Mike, that was hot. Well I’d tell you all about my night too telugu sexy video, but it’s getting late and we need to head to the practice area.

I’ll meet you there in ten minutes,” I sad and we both exited the vehicle.

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Date: October 15, 2022

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