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xnxx saree This was to be an after holiday, holiday type gathering. So festive sweaters were called for. We’d be doing a gift swap game, but the gifts would be our wives. Trish said there was discussion among her sorority sisters about being fair and making the guys the gifts, xnxx saree but they eventually decided it would be easier to have the ladies sit on men’s laps and move around.

Besides, xnxx saree we’ve got better parts to unwrap.

No argument there. So everyone’s going?

It seems like it. She looked at me. Ben xnxx saree, it’s ok, I know you want some Brit in the worst way.

No, really I was just…

Liar xnxx saree, liar. I hung my head in defeat.

You’re not mad? Or jealous?

Why would I be jealous. I’ve got what you really want. She’s just different miyakhalifa xnxx. Kind of opposite of me.

You really are who I want and not just because of physical attributes xnxx saree, wonderful as they are.

That’s the good answer. And I’m not mad or I wouldn’t be going to Steph’s parties with you.

You’re too good to me.

Remember that lover.

We wore our best, ugly holiday sweaters.

Then off to Steph and Al’s place ready for whatever Steph had cooked up. We’d seen everyone xnxx saree, except Jen and Charlie, since the last party so there was no awkwardness.

When we got there it seemed we were the last to arrive. We said the usual hellos, xnxx saree maybe slightly different since we all knew we’d be naked at some point.

Jen gave me a hug and complimented Trish on a good catch. Trish returned the favor. I noted the height difference between them. Charlie was the tallest in the room xnxx saree, maybe 6-2 and Jen the shortest.

Given the activities on my mind I immediately imagined them having some interesting lovemaking positions سکس الکسیس.

Steph had us all settled down, drinks in hand. When we agreed that we were ready she explained the game. She brought out an oversized plush die xnxx saree, then started,

OK, ladies sit on your man’s lap. But first guys, off with the sweaters. Let’s see some beefcake. This was easy enough. I kept generally fit xnxx saree, though not a hardbody like Al.

Geez that guy had more muscles than last time. Will and Kev looked as I remembered and Charlie had a healthy fit build. OK ladies xnxx saree, in position. We are the gifts, of course. As with a gift exchange we will be passed around. Unlike the usual gift exchange, the gifts are able to sample their current owner.

So, kissing xnxx saree, touching these nice chests, and such IS encouraged. Really everything is encouraged! The ladies made a show of running their hands over our chests.

I kissed Trish’s neck and waited for the rest.

There was general agreement all around. I looked at my likely companions. To my left across the room was Steph, then Connie, Brit and to my immediate right Jen.

She turned and winked at me. Steph raised her hand for attention again, I almost forgot the best part. If a gift and owner find themselves both naked, they belong to each other for the night and may get as friendly as they want. I’m sure by then, both will be more than ready. OK xnxx saree, Ben why don’t you start then we’ll go clockwise.

I rolled a 1. All the ladies moved to the left. Jen settled onto my lap سکسی الکسیس.

Hi, nice way to get to know you. She kissed me lightly on the lips then turned to watch Al roll as I held her around the waist. Al rolled a 4. Nice job Al.

By general agreement the ladies removed their sweaters. Jen was now bouncing on my lap with a bra barely holding her very nice pair of breasts. Not exactly Trish’s big’uns but not bad huh?

No not bad at all. I was definitely getting hard staring down at Jen.

I was thinking that maybe I wouldn’t mind spending the night with her as my partner.

Then Kev rolled a 5. The ladies booed when we removed our socks. Shoes had been left at the door. Will got a 1 and off they went. Sorry to lose Jen, but not at all sorry Brit was on my lap.

Going from 5-1 Jen to 5-7 Brit was a bit of a change. As Brit sat she looked back at me with one eyebrow raised as she happened to sit right on my rod. I shrugged and watched as Charlie rolled a 5.

Whoops from the ladies as the men lost their pants. Now it was obvious that we were all stimulated. As the die came around to me Steph made a change to the rules.

Going forward on a 5, only the guy rolling it loses his underwear. This way we can add to the suspense. We all agreed. I rolled a 3. I chose to remove Brit’s bra سکس حشری.

She had a nice set of 34B that looked like they would fit nicely in my hands, xnxx saree so I did. She exclaimed,

Oh, hey there.

Just following the rules. I knew she was a little embarrassed xnxx saree, but I couldn’t resist. When I kissed the side of her neck she apparently agreed,

MMM, that feels nice. Al rolled another 4 and we eagerly watched as each of the ladies took off their pants. Everyone except Brit xnxx saree, who was now on my lap nearly naked, was down to their undergarments. I knew Brit could very clearly feel my cock beneath her. I held her around the stomach and tried not to make her too uncomfortable.

When Kev rolled a two, she was off and I now had Steph, who was completely uninhibited grinding on me. She turned and took my tongue into her mouth xnxx saree, sucking at it as I felt her tight toned body. To my right Trish was getting to know Charlie better. She seemed to be moving her hips feeling what he had pressing against her. She looked over at Steph and mouthed,

It’s long. Steph just winked back at her. Will rolled a 3 and let us all get a look at Jen’s two gifts. They were perfect. Still firm enough xnxx saree, with the nipples sitting up enough.

He lifted them and held them for us to see. Charlie then rolled a 2 and his wife’s assets were now sitting in my lap again. She sat facing me and asked,

You like? Wow xnxx saree, and hell yeah. I sucked at one then turned her around to face the crowd as I rolled. Fuck. A 5. I’d be the first guy showing his stuff.

Jen clapped and hopped off as I slid down my boxer briefs. Then she sat on me letting my hard cock rise in front of her. She leaned back for a kiss and whispered, Charlie’s long but I’d be happy if I got this one all night.

Thanks. As we touched and held each other, and yes she held me, All rolled a 1. Off to the left went Jen and here came Brit.

She looked down at me trying to figure out where to sit.

My cock sat up straight as a suggestion. She decided that straddling it was the best course and did what Jen had done. My cock was oh so close to that blonde pussy. I reintroduced myself to her tits and whispered to her,

You know, with the right roll it might be us.

I know. That would be ok. But right here?

I guess.


Kev rolled a 3 and now Trish’s tits were on display. Jen looked over and,

Damn girl xnxx saree, I forgot just how big they are. Kev was having fun feeling just how big and heavy they were. The die went to Will who rolled the blessed 4.

Steph and Connie we now down to their underwear. Trish and Jen were naked. Interesting, xnxx saree Jen’s dirty blonde hair was natural. And Brit was now also naked, but so was I. Steph reminded us of the rules,

Off with them Brit. And oh my look at that hard cock. What are you going to do with it? Brit looked over at Will who had a nearly naked Steph dry humping him.

Will shrugged as if to say, sorry. But it was his roll. Now we waited. Would Brit or wouldn’t she? She turned to face me, xnxx saree lened over and hugged my neck, probably forgetting she was giving the other guys a good look at her ass and pussy. She put her face alongside mine and whispered,

I’m happy it’s you. Then I felt her holding my cock and rubbing it on her. And xnxx saree, I was in. She lowered herself on to me as some of the others cheered.

I looked over at Will who gave me a thumbs up to say he was ok. So I held Brit and let her move and take me as she wanted. We were out of the game and would watch, xnxx saree and fuck.

Charlie rolled a 2 and since we were out they skipped us. Trish was now on Charlie’s lap having her exposed breasts tested for taste and firmness as I fucked her friend alongside her. She watched and said to Brit,

It’s ok Brit, I think he wanted you all along. Brit leaned her head back and look at me,

Really? I’m skinny and flat compared to Trish.

You’re sexy in a different way.

If I’m getting a pass I might as well try someone different.

And yeah, xnxx saree you’re my first choice. I think she felt better as she added more enthusiasm to her movements. I’d been distracted, but apparently Al had rolled a 2. As the remaining participants shifted positions and Brit turned her head to look I suggested,

Why don’t you turn around and watch? I’m sure they’d all like a better look at you. She slapped me on the shoulder,

Somehow you make me feel less shy.

Maybe it’s because you’re riding me in front of your hubby and friends?

Oh shit don’t make me think of that. Then she hopped off me, xnxx saree turned around and let everyone see my cock splitting the blonde bush of hers کوس سفید.

I pulled at her tits and reveled in the feel of her pussy sliding on me. I kissed at her neck and made rude comments about the other couples. Her laughs indicated less nervousness. I hoped part of it was also the fucking I was giving her.

In the mean time the game had continued. Kevin’s 3 had him naked with Trish on his lap. She may have been slightly disappointed, xnxx saree but Kev was happy to get her boobs for the night. I called across to her,

Dare ya She looked at me confused, then startled. At first she shook her head. I stared at her xnxx saree, my cock balls deep in Brit. Brit asked me,

What’s the dare?

We’ve never done anal. Kev knows what he’s doing there.

No worries, I’m just where I want to be. Brit was slim, but so long xnxx saree, there was so much room to let my hands roam. I looked back at Trish who was whispering to Kev. He shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head. This would be interesting. Then Steph announced.

Well there are two couples left and no one should get their own spouse so let’s call the game over and Jen can come sit with Al.

Charlie, you sit right there. Steph dropped her underwear and Charlie smiled at her bald pussy. He was about to get a ride to remember xnxx saree. When Steph pulled down his shorts she was pleased to see a long shaft.

Thinner than Al’s but all the length she wanted. Their reactions were nothing compared to Jen’s when Al stood and dropped his,

Holy fuck. You’ll split me in two with that and I can’t wait xnxx saree.

Will and Connie stood laughing. Will said,

Hey what about us? Steph slapped her head.

Shit, I miscounted we had four groups last time. Do you guys mind? Will looked at Connie. I knew what he was thinking. Connie knew too,

Sure xnxx saree, I love it. I said to Brit who was resting on my cock,

I think Will’s about to get some ass.

Wow really? Good for him. He doesn’t get that at home.

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