samantha xnxx Hot sex while pretending to be a college


samantha xnxx Hot sex while pretending to be a college student

samantha xnxx Jen leaned in and began kissing me. Her tongue explored my lips and mouth in a deep French kiss.

The hot bubbling water made her large breasts ripple and dance in the water like a large pair of water filled balloons samantha xnxx.

It was quite the site. As she kissed me, she ran her hands along my chest and tweaked my nipples until they were hard xnxx hard.

samantha was rubbing my thighs and stroking my cock hard cock and swollen balls. Then the girls switched what they were doing to me.

Mmmm, Jen, now rubbing my cock and balls, purred سكس جوردي, I can’t wait to get this hard swollen cock buried in my pussy. Glor, do you mind if I put that fat cock in me for a few minutes? I just have to have it!

No problem, as long as I get equal time. samantha replied as she moved a bit so Jen could straddle me.

Jen turned around so her back was to me and sat on my cock. My swollen Member slid into her pussy with little resistance.

I reached around in front of her and put my hands on her enormous tits samantha xnxx, pinching her pierced nipples between my fingers and thumbs until they were rock hard.

Oh fuck yes! Jen exclaimed. I really needed this after all the stimulation tonight سکس دختر
. Your cock feels so good in my pussy and keep pinching my nipples.

She began raising and lowering her butt on my lap fucking herself slowly on my cock.

Fuck, I’m going to cum already! Jen leaned back into me and samantha moved in front of her and began kissing her and rubbing her clit as we fucked. I continued pinching and twisting her pierced nipples.

It didn’t take long. Jen shook and moved her head back into mine, kissing me now samantha xnxx, as she had her orgasm.

Breaking our kiss , Oh fuck me! She shouted as her body bucked on mine. When she was finished climaxing and had relaxed for a few minutes, her back on my chest, samantha spoke.

My turn now! I haven’t had that hard cock of his in me yet

It was then I realized that samantha was right, I really hadn’t been paying much attention to her. Most of my attention had been directed towards Jen and her massive tits سکس روسی.

Jen detached herself from my hard cock and samantha moved between my legs, straddling and facing me. My cock immediately and easily slipped into her hot pussy.

Mm, now I know what all the fuss from Ariel and Jen about your cock is samantha xnxx, it feels so good inside me.

Her firm large breasts were right in front of me. They weren’t as big as Jen’s, but they were beautiful. Her nipples were hard and I dipped my head to take one into my mouth.

Oh yes, suck my nipple, suck it hard! She begged.

I sucked and bit her nipple and despite the hot water of the spa samantha xnxx, goosebumps erupted all over her body.

Jen moved behind samantha and began nibbling her neck. I changed nipples and continued sucking and biting on it as she bounced on my cock.

Oh yes, fuck yes, I’m going to cum, bite my nipple harder Thorn! Fuck yes, like that! I was biting her nipple so hard I feared I may break the skin.

Suddenly she began violently shaking, bucking and screaming like a banshee as she came hard on my cock.

She continued to cum and I alternately bit her nipples

Jen had reached around her chest and was squeezing each breast hard as I I bit the nipple.سکس کوردی Eventually she calmed and came down from the erotic place she had been as she climaxed.

Oh my samantha xnxx, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve had in years! She exclaimed as she rested her body against mine.

Jen slipped beside me and kissed both samantha and me.

Thorn you were biting my nipples so hard and it felt amazing with Jen squeezing them as hard as she was samantha xnxx. I can’t wait for round two. Did you cum Thorn?

No, I was close, but I didn’t yet

Well, we’re going to have to change that aren’t we Jen? samantha said as she detached herself from my still hard cock and took her place on my other side.

Both women began kissing me and each other as their hands massaged my cock and swollen balls samantha xnxx. The cock and ball ring was doing wonders for keeping me from spurting.

but, the pressure of not cumming was becoming a bit uncomfortable.

I needed to cum in the worst way! I was wondering if Mike felt the same way when he went for hours without cumming فیلم سکس افغانی.

I think we should take Thorn up to my bedroom and see to his problem Jen samantha xnxx.

Sounds like a good idea, we’ll see how long he lasts with both of us! Jen replied.

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Date: October 17, 2022

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