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xnxx hard New Sensations Kimmy Granger Likes to Get Fucked Hard and Rough

xnxx hard The ride back to the house was mostly a discussion about the women following me at the tournament tomorrow and Jen’s daughter Kris arriving and, of course.

Amy taking Jim’s huge cock. We drank some more wine, but there was only some making out and light fondling. When we pulled up to the front of the mansion, Mike’s SUV was parked next to mine.

Looks like Mike and the twins are home. Gloria commented. They’re probably in the guest house xnxx hard, playing games or fucking. Jen, wait ‘til you see Mike romantic xnxx.

he’s a Robert Redford look alike, and, he can fuck you silly. The boy just seems to stay hard forever!

Boy, talk about giving me a complex, first there’s Jim with the eleven inch cock and the ability to cum more than once, then there’s Mike who can fuck for hours without cumming.

I was just hoping I could somehow satisfy the needs of these two cock hungry MILFs!

Gloria led us into the mansion and straight up to the master bedroom. It was huge! The bed itself was massive. There looked to be room enough in the bed for at least six if not eight people.

I had it custom built. Gloria stated seeing me looking at it xnxx hard. There’s room for eight, but I’ve actually had ten in it سکس سه نفره.

Oh, that was a night to remember! Jen chimed in. Six of us girls and those four hunks from the strip club, what a wonderful tangle of bodies!

These two were something else. Group sex was definitely on their menu. I began to wonder.

how many of us would be in the bed tonight?

Both women removed their dresses and hung them in the closet. Jen also removed her chains and hung them with her dress. She left the emerald studded nipple piercings in place.

xnxx hard took three fluffy white terry robes from the closet فیلم سکس دختر, keeping one for herself and handing Jen and I each one.

It may be cool when we get out of the spa, this will help break the chill. She said as she handed me one. You can put your clothes in the closet with our stuff. You won’t be needing them anymore tonight.

I took off my clothes and hung them next to Jen’s xnxx hard. Then Gloria removed the red cock and ball ring from her purse.

Here Thorn, stand still for a second and let me put this magical thing on your cock and balls. She stretched the rubbery ball ring, pulling my nut sack towards the floor سکس زوری.

slipped it around my testicles. They immediately responded like before, swelling and protruding from the tight ring.

Without warning, she took my semi hard cock in her mouth and gave me few minutes of wonderful sucking. Now, with my cock at full attention.

she stretched the free ring over the head of my penis down to the base. The result was a long, thick cock and swollen balls.

xnxx hard led us back down stairs where we stopped at the bar. My package felt strange, but good, xnxx hard as my hard swollen cock and balls swayed between my legs.

She opened a wine chilling cabinet and selected a bottle

I’ve been saving this one for a special night, I think tonight will be special. She said as she uncorked the bottle. Then she poured us each a glass of the dark purple, almost black, liquid.

I hate to do it, but I’m putting it in these unbreakable tumblers سکس جدید, it tastes so much better in a wineglass xnxx hard, but I’d hate to have broken glass out there. Here’s to our night together and we will definitely make it a special one.

We clinger our tumblers together and I took a sip of the wine. It was incredible, even if it was in a plastic tumbler! Best I’d ever tasted. I told her so.

It better be, it cost me $5000 dollars at auction xnxx hard. I bought a case.

Holy shit, I thought, five grand for a case of wine. We took the wine and headed out to the spa.

Both girls set their tumblers on the side of the spa, dropped their robes and entered the water. I followed suite and joined them.

The hot water felt great. Jen hit a button and the spa came to life with lights, bubbles and music.

Come over here and sit between us Thorn. Gloria motioned to me xnxx hard. Jen and I will relax those golfing muscles for you.

And some other muscles too. Jen added with a wink. Jen had definitely taken a liking to me سکس یواشکی.

I moved over and took a seat between them xnxx hard. I let the hot jets of water pulse over me as the two women began using their hands to massage my body.

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Date: October 17, 2022
Actors: kimmy granger

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