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telugu sexvideos It was one of the strangest dreams I’d ever had. I was strapped down on a table. There were two women in the room with me.

One of them approached me rolling a cart with a weird contraption on it. The girl was Amy. She was naked and her boobs were huge, way out of proportion to her slender torso.

“Morning daddy, ready for your morning milking?” she asked. “I’m sure he is.” the other female came into view, it was Shelly.

“He’s always ready to have that cock of his milked.” Shelly dribbled lubricant onto my cock and pumped it a few times with her hand telugu sexvideos. “That ought to get it slick enough, let’s hook him up Amy xnxx telugu.”

Amy attached a clear tube to my cock, which by the way, was sticking straight up in the air.

It was stiffer than ever. The tube slid down my cock until it was against the base of my body. There was a good four inches of clearance from the tip of my stiff cock to the top of the tube.

“I’m throwing the switch,” Amy said as she flipped a large switch that was mounted to the wall telugu sexvideos.

The machine on the stand came to life.

I watched in horror as my cock was sucked up and up, stretching it out, straining to reach the top of the tube.

It was a good two inches from the top indian aunty xnxx. The sucking suddenly stopped and my cock returned to its normal position in the tube. Then the machine purred and the process began again.

This continued for six cycles. The process looked like it should be painful, however it was quite pleasurable.

“Turn it up higher Amy, there’s still room at the top telugu sexvideos.” Amy did something and this time when the machine purred again it was louder and.

my cock was stretched another inch towards the top of the tube.

This was repeated six times. It was even more pleasing than the first six times. “Higher,” Shelly instructed her.

The machine growled and the suction was amazingly hard, my dick was sucked all the way to the top of the tube! Then the machine began rapidly recycling and my cock was stretched.

and relaxed over and over again! I wanted to cum, but each time I was about to, Shelly would grab my balls and squeeze them. telugu sexvideos “Not yet daddy, not yet,”

I woke up and my eyes opened to the sight of Shelly’s big boobs bouncing slowly as she was fucking herself on my cock سکس الکسیس.

Her magical pussy was gripping and releasing my cock as she rode me. I glanced to my side and noticed Amy was still asleep.

“Oh Shelly, your pussy is magical, I love the way it milks my cock,” I quietly told her.

“It’s not my pussy your cock is in daddy, it’s my ass telugu sexvideos.”

She must have seen the look of surprise on my face.

“I learned to use my ass muscles similar to the way I use the ones in my pussy. Feels amazing doesn’t it?”

As she said that I felt my balls tightening and starting to throb telugu sexvideos. I was about to cum.

“Not yet daddy,” she said as she stopped bouncing on my cock reaching back and grabbing hold of by balls and squeezing, “there’s more to enjoy now that you’re awake.”

Once my urge to cum had subsided she began her slow ride up and down on my hard shaft.

I reached up and took her large nipples between my thumbs and fingers pinching them the way she loved to have the pinched.

“Mmmmm, that’s it, pinch my nipples سکس مقعدی.

She moved a hand to her pussy and began rubbing her clit as she increased the pace of her fucking her asshole on my cock.

“Oh yes, yes, fucking yes, it feels so good to have your cock up my ass telugu sexvideos,

fuck me as I fuck you!”

I began thrusting upwards, harder and harder into her ass, meeting her downwards movements with upward thrusts.

We soon were in a perfect rhythm. Her ass was unbelievably alive and squeezing my cock like never before .

It wasn’t long and I felt myself losing control. “I’m going to cum, telugu sexvideos oh fuck your ass feels so good I can’t hold it any longer!”

“Hang on one minute daddy telugu sexvideos, I’m, almost there too, pinch my nipples harder, that’s it.

harder, ohhh yes, yes fucking A YES!!!” Shelly screamed loudly.

“AGH!” I yelled.

Shelly climaxed at the same time as I did. I shot load after load of cum into her hot pulsing hole.

Then she collapsed onto my chest breathing hard. My cock slid out of her ass with a loud pop.

“Remember, not a word to Amy about how good my ass felt,” she whispered in my ear.

Just then Amy woke up.

“What the fuck!” She said telugu sexvideos.

“I didn’t get my fucking from daddy last night, so I fucked him this morning.”

Shelly raised up from my chest and told Amy.

“You took everything he had last night with your tight little ass!”

“I guess I did kinda hog him last night and you didn’t get any fun. Speaking of my ass, it’s still sore and burns a little bit and I need to pee!”

Amy rose out of bed and hobbled into the bathroom. telugu sexvideos Obviously still sore from her ass fucking.

The second she was out of bed, Shelly rolled off my chest and started sucking my cum coated cock.

“Mmmmm, I just love sucking a cock that’s freshly fucked my ass. It tastes so good!”

Shelly sucked my cock and licked my balls.

Then, to my surprise, she started licking my asshole. Believe it or not سکس دوربین مخفی,

until now no female I’d fucked had ever licked my asshole. Oh did that feel good!

Her face ascended briefly from my nether regions telugu sexvideos. “I can see by the look on your face you like that daddy,

your daughters best friend is just full of surprises for you!” She told me then dropped back down and continued her incredible tonguing.

Amy reentered the bedroom. She stood there watching as Shelly worked me over.

“Shelly, you’re a dirty crazy little slut and I love it,” Amy told her.

Rising up from my crotch once more Shelly shot back at her

“You’re just as dirty, crazy and slutty as I am! Why don’t you help me here.

maybe daddy can get hard again and fuck you sore ass again before we check out.”

“Okay.” Amy climbed up on the bed telugu sexvideos. “But if he does get hard and fuck my ass again you promise you’ll lick my hole good to help ease the pain.”

“Deal, now let’s get him good and stiff!”

The two of them proceeded to do all kinds of things to me. They took turns licking my ass and nuts, they sucked my nipples, kissed me.

sucked my cock, gently twisted my nut sack, sucked my toes, they even fingered my asshole telugu sexvideos. I was in heaven. My cock responded accordingly. It became rock hard once again.

“Okay daddy, you’re really hard again, Amy,

this time climb up and impale your ass on daddy’s hard cock cowgirl style.

Just let me lube your ass first so he’ll slide in easier telugu sexvideos.” Shelly directed Amy’s second anal lesson.

Amy rested her upper body on my chest and raised her cute little butt in their air. Shelly dribbled lube on her ass and rubbed it into her sore puckered hole.

“Oh, that lube is cold, but it really feels good telugu sexvideos, the cold feels good there,” Amy told her.

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