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brazzers xnxx 5 position for big tits Blondie Fesser In a Hot Interracial Scene

brazzers xnxx 5 position for big tits with Blondie Fesser brazzers xnxx stopped kissing me and pulled away. Slowly, keeping her eyes on mine, she removed her gown.

Jen came up for air and seeing what Gloria was doing, did the same. Now both women were naked except for Jen’s sexy crotchless panties and their footwear.

We each took our wine and drank the glasses empty. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and the wine was hitting me hard. One good thing about that was xnxx hd.

xnnnx 2022 brazzer when indulging in too much wine, my hardon would sometimes last almost as long as Mike’s!

Except for the glimpses of her pussy at the course and her topless in the limo, this was the first time I’d seen Gloria totally naked. I took in the sight of this hot milf.

She had looked exceptionally great in her the first time I saw saw her. Now, naked in front of me she looked even better.

Although she was blonde, her beautiful face bore a resemblance to the actress Kate Jackson سکس با دختر خوشگل, of Charlie’s Angels fame.

Her breasts were large, firm and round, obviously the work of a fine Dallas plastic surgeon brazzers xnxx. Their light pinkish brown areolas were perfect circles a bit larger than silver dollars.

Her dark red nipples, which always seemed erect, were about an inch long and as big around as the tip of my index finger.

She had a dark, very sexy, mole right in the center of her cleavage. Her boobs barely fit on her slim torso and I was sure if viewed from behind brazzers xnxx, the swell of her breasts would be visible.

Her upper body joined a pair of shapely hips and I knew her ass was perfect

I couldn’t wait to see if what Mike told me about her love of xnxx brazzers 2024 anal sex held true. Her legs were long and also perfect. Her pussy looked wonderfully inviting.

She also had long pouty lips and they were glistening with wetness from what we were doing in the limousine.

You like what you’re seeing Thorn سکس ایرانی فارسی
, I paid good money for the girls. Had the best surgeon in Dallas make them this way brazzers xnxx. I was really excited to have the permanently hard nipples. Everything that touches them excites me.

At that moment Jen leaned across me and took one of Gloria’s hard nipples in her mouth. He hands held that breast as she sucked and bit the nipple. Gloria’s head leaned back into the seat and her eyes closed.

Jen stopped ravaging Gloria’s breast for a moment. She looked up at me and smiled, offering me the saliva coated nipple.

You suck on this one now and I’ll take care of the other one. Jen then began devouring Gloria’s right breast while I descended on her left orb.

With Gloria’s nipple in my mouth I bit and pulled on the nub of flesh with my teeth. I squeezed the firm tit with my right hand.

now having both nipples and boobs attended to, was loudly moaning brazzers xnxx. My free hand found Jen’s ass.

which was in a perfect position as she was lying across me

I caressed the smooth skin and slid my hand between the cleavage of her ass cheeks. My fingers found the hot سکس حشری
, wet, slick opening to her slit and I began xnnnx2024 playing with her pussy lips and fingering her.

My middle finger found her large love button brazzers xnxx, which felt a bit different than it did previously in my room.

There was a feeling that something was attached. Ignoring that, I stroked and it lightly. Now both women were panting and moaning.

Jen was stimulating Gloria’s clitoris while I was stroking hers. Suddenly both women erupted almost simultaneously with body shaking orgasms.

nipple popped out of my mouth. It was covered with my saliva, dark red and swollen.

With my help brazzers xnxx, Jen sat back up next to me.

Oh my, that was great! She exclaimed xnnnx 2023 brazzer.

Yes it was! Blondie agreed

Now, looking at Jen’s upper body, I was able to see just how the chains on her pendant were attached to her lovely nipples brazzers xnxx. A chain ran from each arm of the pendant to each nipple.

At the nipples the chains were attached to ring which was part of an emerald studded post سکس دکتر
. Another chain ran from each nipple ring down and over her soft landing strip of hair.

There they were joined together and formed a single double chain that apparently attached to something below. She noticed me looking at her.

Gloria began rubbing my hard, still exposed cock while I spoke to Jen xnnnx 2023 brazzer com.

What do you think of it Thorn? My daughter Kris designed and made it for me brazzers xnxx. She designs, makes and also sells jewelry for both men and women. She specializes in erotic designs.

She lives in L.A. and will be here in the morning. You’ll meet her tomorrow.

I think it’s the sexiest piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen. I told her xnnnx 2023 brazzer.

It not only looks great, but it keeps me in a constant state of arousal. Almost every movement I make stimulates my nipples and the chains that go below are attached to rings.

My labia is also pierced, that puts the chain over my clit it rubs it constantly سکس عربی.

I’ll have hundreds of small orgasms with it on. She explained.

Kris is bringing me a special piece she made, I can’t wait to see it when she gets here. Gloria added.

We’ll have to see if she can make you a special one too Thorn

I’m sure she would. It looks like we’re coming to a stop. We must be there brazzers xnxx. Jen noticed. Let’s get dressed, I’m famished.

I tucked my cock back in and zipped up while the girls slipped back into their skimpy gowns. Stacy knocked, then opened the door for us. We were at the front entrance to a restaurant.

I was so intently watching the two women and buzzed on wine brazzers xnxx, I totally missed the telltale signs, that this was a place I’d been before.

When we entered, seeing the scantily clad western outfits on the servers, it came to me that this was Ariel’s place. Ariel was waving to us from her special booth in the back. I gave the two gals a puzzling look.

Oh, we thought we’d all surprise you. Gloria explained. Jen and I are silent partners in Ariel’s club. We help fund it and she runs the place

She wanted us to come and see some new talent she found.

Yes Added Jen. I think you are quite acquainted with the two she’s been telling us about

Now the realization of Ariel’s lack of concern about my being late when I spoke to her on the phone hit me brazzers xnxx. She knew I was coming here all along! We made our way to Ariel’s booth.

Ariel rose to greet us. She gave both women a hug and long kiss. Her hands also lingered on both women’s breasts as she broke the hugs. Then she hugged me and gave my package a good squeeze.

Well Thorn, I feel your approval of my two partners right here. They sure are a sexy hot pair of milfs for sure brazzer xnxx.

You three sit on that side of the booth and I’ll sit over here across from you. Shelly and Amy will briefly join us to meet Gloria and Jen in a bit.

I ordered for us and the steaks should be out soon. Here come the salads now brazzers xnxx. Ariel indicated the two servers bringing our bread, salads and a bottle of wine.

We slid into the booth, me in the middle.

I needed something in my stomach and I immediately dug into my salad and ate some bread. Meanwhile, the three women picked at their salads and chatted about various business things.

Both women had a hand in my crotch as they spoke, keeping my cock hard the whole time.

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Date: October 17, 2022
Actors: Blondie Fesser

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