kajal xnxx This is the first hot 5 minute explicit sex movie


kajal xnxx This is the first hot 5 minute explicit sex movie

kajal xnxx We all watched as Amy and Shelly led Jim to the same couch as the night before. Both girls were wearing stilettos and dressed in skimpy halter tops and mini skirts. The butt plug was missing from Amy’s ass. Talk about a hot pair of teens, they were smoking hot!

So Jim, what do think of my friend Amy? She asked him xnxx sis.

Like you said last night, she’s a hot redhead. He answered. You gals put on a great show. Looked like you’ve done that a time or two before.

Thanks, we have, several times, so, you want to fuck her? kajal xnxx Shelly got right to the point. I swear I saw Amy blush at this.

I’ll bet the girls had plenty of offers after their show. Ariel spoke. Shelly has shown she’s a bit more money motivated than Amy.

She’s thinking about all the cash they can take in on this busy Friday night. Wasting no time and getting right to the point.

Most definitely. Jim answered سکس لزبین.

Okay, you know the drill, Amy, have fun with Jim kajal xnxx, I’m going to see some of those other guys now.

I’ll be back in here in no time at all. With that said, Shelly left Amy alone with Jim.

See, I told you, that little Shelly has it in her blood. She’s made for this business. Ariel stated.

So, Amy spoke to Jim as she removed the skimpy outfit she’d worn into the room. I’ll get undressed. What would you like me to do first? Give you a blow job?.

Amy was completely nude except for her stilettos

. She looked so hot standing there, hands on her hips her chest pushed out towards Jim.

Jim took off his shirt and shorts. He didn’t have any boxers on tonight. Both Jen and kajal let out a gasp when they saw his humongous cock.

kajal exclaimed kajal xnxx. You weren’t kidding Ariel, that is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen on a white guy! It’s fucking huge.

Told ya so فلم سکس.

My God, can that frail young gal take that huge fucking hunk of meat in her pussy? Jen asked.

We’ll see, but I’m betting she can. She might be able to take more in than Shelly kajal xnxx. Ariel commented. Shelly took in all but about three inches.

Amy’s a bit taller and I’m betting she might get most of his length inside.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. There was my daughter, about to be fucked by another guy, a guy with the biggest cock I’d ever seen.

and I was sitting here watching it, like I was watching a porn movie.

Jen leaned into me and kissed me. Breaking me from my thoughts.

It will be okay, she’ll be fine, it’s what she wants, right?

I nodded my head yes. Amy and I had the discussion the previous night, but still, it just didn’t seem right to me. And I’m thinking this as three naked women are with me.

One of which I just fucked and the other two I’ll be fucking soon. kajal xnxx I shook my head to return to reality. Jen gave me another passionate kiss and stroked my cock and balls.

In the VIP room Amy took Jim’s huge meat sword in her hands. سکس خشن
Her fingers couldn’t wrap entirely around the huge circumference.

Then she bowed her head and began licking the length of it. His cock seemed to be almost half the size of her head!.

Once she had licked his shaft until it was completely wet

, she pursed her lips and began kissing it up and down its entire length. When she came back up to the tip of his cock head, she parted her lips and took the head in her mouth.

You could see her cheeks puff in and out as she sucked on the head of his dick.

Wow. Jen said. This is really hot watching her سکس روسی. It looks like she knows what she’s doing kajal xnxx.

Boy did she ever. She sucked cock great. I knew it and so did Shelly’s dad. Now this guy was getting her great cock sucking expertise.

She only was able to get a few inches of his cock in her mouth. But she tried hard to get more.

All the while she was sucking him, he was making little sounds of encouragement and stroking her red hair. Her hands were busy fondling his huge balls.

Okay baby, how about we get down to the business of me fucking you? But first kajal xnxx, I want to suck on those lovely titties of yours.

Amy rose up and straddled Jim’s lower body

. His cock wasn’t in her it looked like she was sitting on top of it. He leaned into her and started sucking on her nipples as he fondled her tits. Her head leaned back, eyes closed and she was now moaning softly at the pleasure he was giving her.

She has great tits. kajal commented. I wouldn’t mind sucking on them myself.

They are great. Ariel added. Her nipples get so hard! She loves having her nipples sucked.

Yes, she loved having her nipples sucked. In fact, she was one of those females that could actually climax, just from nipple stimulation.

Jim must have sensed that. He took one long, hard, nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched it as he sucked on it. Then he did the same with the other.

He continued doing this until her moans became louder and her body shook as she climaxed.

Then, as Shelly had done the previous night kajal xnxx, she slumped against his chest, breathing heavily. Jim caressed her naked body. After a few minutes, she sat upright in his lap.

, that was awesome! Amy told him. My nipples are ultra sensitive to certain stimulation and you did it just right. I really came hard. Now it’s your turn. How would you like me?

I was hoping he would take her like he did Shelly kajal xnxx. Amy straddling him so she could control the amount of his massive cock that she’d take in.

I cringed when he told her to get on the couch on her elbows with her ass in the air.

Kind of doggy style, he told her, except rest on your elbows with your pretty little tight ass up in the air.

That should give me the best angle and you the position to take as much of me as you want. If you need me to stop at any time just let me know kajal xnxx. I know I’m huge and I don’t want to hurt you.

That’s nice of him. Ariel spoke up دانلود فیلم سکس . He’s really a nice guy. I talked to him last night kajal xnxx. I also talked to his doctor and he’s cleared for sex without a condom.

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Date: October 17, 2022

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