xnxx sis 2 teenage girls with their brother to teach them


xnxx sis 2 teenage girls with their brother to teach them a lot

xnxx sis A brother teaches his two teenage sisters 6 hot sex positions, making sure that each one has sex with him in a different position.

Once in the office, Ariel slipped out of her gown and hung it on a clothes rack. She was completely naked except for her black stilettos xnxx big boobs.

As she always did, she looked as great naked. Gloria and Jen wasted no time in removing their clothing too. Now there I stood completely clothed in front of three hot naked MILFs.

What are you waiting for? Ariel asked. Get naked Thorn. xnxx sis We don’t have all night سکس وحشی, the girls and Jim will be in the VIP room soon.

I stripped down and now we were all sans clothes.

Come over here and sit in the chair you fucked Amy in last night. Ariel ordered. I’ve got a little surprise for you.

I did as told and sat in the chair facing the VIP room. Ariel flipped the switch and the VIP room came into view.

There was no sign of Amy, Shelly or Jim. There were several other naked club girls entertaining other customers.

Ariel approached me with something in her hand. Just sit still while I slip this on you xnxx sis

She took a red thing that was in one hand and stretched it with both hands while at the same time grasping my nut sack and slipping it on just below my cock base.

My nuts immediately became tight and swollen

Then she took the other half of the contraption and slid it over my semi hard erection right down to the base xnxx sis. The thing was squeezing my nutsack and the base of my cock.

There, that ought to keep you good and hard and keep your juices inside those tight balls while you fuck me.

It’s a cock and ball ring فیلم های سکس ایرانی
. It will keep your cock hard and swollen and your balls full and tight. I don’t want you all spent before you get to fuck my partners later.

She explained. It’s just a precaution because I know that when you fuck me xnxx sis, it’s hard for me to not make you cum too quickly! It’s a combination cock ring and ball stretcher.

Okay girls, help get Thorn ready to fuck me سکس زوری.

I looked down and what I saw startled me. My nuts looked like a couple of eggs in a water balloon! It didn’t hurt, but it looked like it should.

The skin of my sack was tight and shiny

It looked like my nuts were straining to escape. xnxx sis My cock was almost twice as thick as normal. The head of my cock was purple and angry looking, and as I was about to find out.

very sensitive!

Gloria and Jen moved over in front of me and got down on their knees.

Then they took turns teasing my cock and balls. They would suck my cock and use their long fingernails on my tight nutsack.

Then they would run their fingernails up and down my swollen cock head. My cock became even thicker and the head swollen to the point it felt like it might burst.

They pulled and stretched my nutsack. They even thumped it with their fingers. xnxx sis There was some pain, but mostly exquisite pleasure!

Okay, it looks like he’s ready for me now. Ariel stated.

The girls moved enough so Ariel could straddle me

She parted her wet pussy lips and sat herself on my lap, impaling herself on my swollen cock.

The feeling was unbelievable! Ariel’s pussy had always felt incredible, but, with my cock in this swollen.

heightened state of sensitivity, I could feel every wrinkle and crevice of her love tunnel and it felt even better.

She slowly raised and lowered her body on my cock as I squeezed on her great tits and sucked her nipples.

xnxx sis Next to us, as we fucked, Jen and Gloria were making out سکس دختر
. They were sucking on each other’s tits and finger fucking one another.

Every so often, Ariel would stop fucking me and lean over to kiss one or both of them. I was in MILF heaven.

Ariel was usually able to climax while fucking me, xnxx sis especially if I was playing with her tits and nipples.

It wasn’t long before I felt her body beginning to quiver and her breathing changing

signifying she was cuming. She increased her pace as she bounced up and down on my thick cock.

Oh fuck Thorn, this is the biggest your cock has ever been! Fuck, I’m fucking cuming on your huge cock, fuck xnxx sis, fuck oh fucking yes.

yes! She screamed as she came and collapsed into my chest.

Wow Gloria said we’re taking that red thing with us tonight! I want some of that!

For sure we are added Jen did you see how her pussy lips were pulled on his dick? That looked incredible!

Ariel pulled herself off me and got up on shaky legs. That was the best ever Thorn, we’ll use that little trick again in the future except I’ll make you cum too.

She was right, amazingly I hadn’t cum too xnxx sis. I always had a huge ejaculation when I fucked Ariel. Not this time. My balls were really tight and swollen now.

Talk about blue balls mine were purple xnxx sis

Jen wasted no time in tending to my swollen unit. She gently caressed my cock and licked my balls while she squeezed them.

Mmmm, I can’t wait to get you back to the house. I think you’ll have a lot of jizz for Gloria and I. She told me. xnxx sis, check out this big boy.

Gloria took over for Jen and she sucked gently on my swollen cock and stroked my tight balls. xnxx sis I needed to cum so bad I was about to beg for some release.

Then, before I could, Ariel spoke.

Showtime! Amy

, Shelly and Jim have entered the VIP room. She announced xnxx sis. Leaving me in a highly aroused state of no release.

Here, poor Thorn is about to burst, I better relieve him. I thought she meant make me cum, but instead فیلم سوپر
she removed the cock and ball thing and handed it to Gloria.

Wash this up and put it in your purse to use later. You’ll have some fun with it. xnxx sis She told her.

Jen came over to me and softly stroked my sore balls and cock. We’ll make sure at the house you get to cum plenty. I promise you’ll be happy. She told me as she slid into the chair next to me. I began to think that Jen had taken a special liking to me. No complaint from me.

Ariel flipped on the audio in the VIP room and sat in her chair next to us. xnxx sis Gloria finished cleaning up the cock and ball toy and sat in the chair with her.

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Date: October 17, 2022
Actors: Kyler Quinn

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