sexy telugu video Having sex with Indian hot in front of girlfriend


sexy telugu video Having sex with Indian hot in front of girlfriend

sexy telugu video I bet it does, I’ll use some ice on your hole later, that should help keep the pain down after you fuck daddy with your ass again. Okay, you’re lubed up. Mount up and ride that cock!

Amy straddled my loins and slowly lowered herself until her ass was touching the tip of my cock.

“I’ll help guide you this time,” Shelly told her. “Once you’ve done it this way a couple of times you’ll learn to reach back and guide it in on your own.”

With Shelly’s help, my cock slid a bit into Amy’s lubed ass. Again there was resistance as I stretched her hole. The look on her face told me it was hurting as I entered her.

Then my cock head popped through her tight sphincter sexy telugu video.

“Oh fuck, that still burns and hurts,” she said, clearly in pain.

Just relax Amy, breath deep and relax.

Take it slow, let daddy’s cock get inside on your own time frame. The first few times are the worst. It’ll get easier each time. Before you know it sexy telugu video.

you’ll be an ass fucking master.

“That’s right honey, listen to Shelly. Just take your time and keep breathing and relaxing your butt. Now lower yourself more, you’ve only got about six inches of cock to go aunty xnxx.”

“Six inches! Oh fuck!” Amy’s eyes were watering sexy telugu video.

I was beginning to think Shelly was enjoying watching her best friend’s pain.

“Just wait, it won’t be long and you’ll be doing this with no lube, that’s when you’ll be a real ass fuck slut like me!”

“Oh, I can’t imagine doing this without lube. I feel like his cock is tearing my ass up inside even with the lube!”

“Oh you’ll love it even more without, the pain will become your pleasure. Four inches more to go. Just relax and breath, take it all.

Just let yourself drop. sexy telugu video You’ll feel a burst of pain then it’s over.”

Amy looked up at the bedroom ceiling and raised her arms off my hips where she’d been supporting herself. She dropped down and fully impaled herself on my dick.

“OHOH, EAH, YAAH, FUCK! sexy telugu video” She screamed as she dropped Her full weight onto my stiff dick.

“There, that wasn’t too bad was it?” Shelly asked.

“Fuck you, you enjoy watching me in pain, you, you slut!”

Shelly just laughed and said, “I basically learned anal the same way I’m teaching you. My daddy was a great teacher and I was a great student.

I love anal fucking and you will too.

You loved it last night didn’t you?”

“Yes, but I’m sore and it hurts!”

“That’ll pass. Now use your knees and slowly raise and lower yourself on daddy’s cock sexy telugu video. Use a hand to rub your clitty as you fuck your ass on daddy’s cock.”

Amy followed Shelly’s instructions. She slowly pushed herself up using her knees and with her right hand rubbed her clit.

Then she slowly dropped back down. She began repeatedly doing this. I could see the look of pain on her face being replaced by one of pleasure.

“Starting to feel better?” Shelly asked شهواني.

“Oh yes, much better, it still hurts, but it’s different, the pain actually feels kinda good.”

“Told ya so.”

Amy started increasing her pace. I knew I wouldn’t last too long watching and feeling her fuck her ass on my cock.

Daddy, help support Amy sexy telugu video, hold her hips. Amy, now lean back and reach your other hand to daddy’s balls as he holds you. Use your nails on them.

He won’t last long and he’ll shoot his hot cum in your ass.

With me supporting her, Amy leaned back. She took hold of my balls and did just what Shelly told her.

“Oh that feels so good,” I said to Amy as she raked my balls with her nails.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” Amy said .

Her muscles suddenly tightened, gripping my cock like a vice! I knew what was next sexy telugu video, I was going to cum in her ass.

“Ugh, me, ugh, ah, too!” I shouted as I blasted cum into Amy ass.

“Fuck, ah, oh, fuck!” Amy’s body shook as she came hard on my cock. Then she lurched forward and collapsed onto my chest.

“Bravo bravo!” Shelly clapped and began rubbing Amy’s back. “See I told you you’d love it.

Shelly moved to our faces and kissed both of us as she continued to stroke Amy’s body.

I could feel my cock slipping from Amy’s cum filled butthole.

“I can’t move, it burns like hell and I came so hard I just want to lay here.”

“Stay right there and rest, I’ll get a washcloth and clean both of you up,” Shelly said as she rose from the bed and went into the bathroom.

I hugged Amy to my chest. Her body was very warm .

“I love you honey,” I told her and we kissed sexy telugu video.

“I love you too daddy, thank you for fucking my ass, it hurts, but it really feels good too. I’m really going to be sore today.” She kissed me again.

Shelly returned from the bathroom and used the hot washcloth on my cock sexy telugu video. Then she got up went back in the bathroom, rinsed the cloth and came back to clean Amy’s ass.

Amy was still resting on my chest سکس خارجی.

“This may be a bit cool on your butt, I’m using a cold cloth instead of a hot one, that way it shouldn’t burn too much,” she told Amy as she used the cloth on her ass.

“How’s that feel?”

“I like the cold, it helps with the burning I’m feeling down there sexy telugu video.”

You’ll come to love that burn, it will turn you on even more when you feel the burn of a hot cock in your tight little butthole. I can tell you now,

you’ll be the best little ass fuck in Texas! Shelly told her.

“Now I’ll make you feel even better just like I promised. Shelly moved down and began licking Amy’s asshole.

“Mm, yes, that feels so good. Mm yes, really good!”

Amy and I began kissing as Shelly licked her sore hole. Then she suddenly stopped kissing me. Her breathing became quicker.

“Oh yes, lick my clitty faster, faster, oh yes, sexy telugu video I’m going to cum again!” Her back arched and her head rose higher off my chest.

Shelly was now licking Amy’s clit and Amy shuddered as another orgasm rocked her body.

Then she fell back onto my chest. As I rubbed Amy’s back and buttocks, I felt the unmistakable feeling of Shelly’s lips as they encircled my cock سکس از پشت.

Then I felt her tongue swirling around my shaft. Miraculously I started to get hard again sexy telugu video.

As much as I wanted to fuck the two of them again, I knew it was time to put a stop to the sextivities. We needed to check out and move to Gloria’s and I needed to conserve some strength for the final tournament round.

“Okay ladies, it’s time to get moving.” I told them. “Let’s shower, get dressed and get everything ready for the move.”

“Ugh, I don’t want to move.” Amy groaned on my chest. sexy telugu video “I’m so comfortable here.”

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