shahvani Trip to the beach and the Iranian guys


shahvani Trip to the beach and the Iranian guys

shahvani Hello everyone, I wanted to post since I’ve read a few that seem like they are similar to my situation. I just had my birthday and got back from an out of state trip.

It’s been kinda rough lately and I wanted to share and work through some stuff that happened on a trip that I went on with my uncle qombol.

We aren’t related, but he is one of my dad’s friends shahvani so I call him my uncle and my dad passed away when I was younger so he wanted to give me a present.

I wanted to go to the beach in Santa Cruz and he got us a couple of rooms at a hotel and shahvani we drove down from where I live up in the mountains on a Monday.

We talked a lot about me being independent and growing up and I told him I wanted to go on shahvani a hike by myself at some point.

We had a good first day (it was a couple days before my birthday when you get to vote in the US) and at the end of the day we went just north of Santa Cruz to a park and after we drove around a little, all the parking was full.

My uncle offered to drop me off and have me hike up a trail to shahvani where he could park up the road a couple of miles بازیگران پورن.

I agreed and I jumped out in small spandex shorts and a running bra. I don’t have a huge chest yet, but I want one, I do have a really nice ass though even though I’m under 5 foot tall (part of why I like my avatar).

I walked up around to the path that I thought my uncle was  talking about and ended up walking up a trail to an area over the road where highway 1 curves and starts to go uphill a little bit.

It was a really nice view even though I could tell it wasn’t the right trail and since the sun was about to set, I kept walking up the little trail.

After a mile or so, I could see up the road far enough to see where my uncle was shahvani parked and could see smoke coming out of his window since he was waiting for me.

I kept walking and came across a homeless guy in his tent.

I tried to be quiet and walk past him, but he jumped in shahvani front of me and started to ask me what I was doing on his path and that I needed to pay him to pass.

I got my wallet out since I had a little waist pack and he immediately grabbed it from me and pulled me into his tent.

I was so freaked out that I didn’t know what to do shahvani and I basically froze and let him do what he wanted to do سکس در حمام.

He had my clothes off right away and was telling me shahvani how hot I was and how he was going to fuck me really hard.

I’ve only had a couple of bfs and only white guys until then, he was Iranian and was thin and pretty short even though he was taller than me.

I remember him taking his shorts off and seeing his cock shahvani, he was really long and was really hard already.

I was on my back and he was kissing me

then my chest and my pussy and it was a while before he shahvani forced his cock into my pussy.

I was a little freaked out and not thinking about anything, but was listening to him grunting and us clapping together as he was pounding me and I stayed wet the whole time.

I could feel him throbbing inside me and he was totally excited and kept telling me how hot I am شهوانی.

It took him forever to come and he kept having me turn over on my knees into doggy style shahvani and then to my back and then on top of him.

He kept complimenting me and it made me feel so weird, I couldn’t help but be turned on after a while and I was totally soaking wet as he was pounding me.

he kept telling me he could tell I was loving it too and was making out with me the whole time shahvani I was on my back.

After 30 minutes, I was hoping he would finish but instead I heard my uncle calling my name and the homeless guy told me to be quiet.

but I just waited until my uncle was close enough as he was walking up to the tent and told him I was in the tent shahvani.

He asked if I was okay and I didn’t know what to say since the Iranian guy was on top of me way deep inside me, so I told him yes.

I’m sure he heard me getting pounded shahvani and told us he would walk down the path a little and to take our time and have fun.

My uncle asked the homeless guy what his name was before he walked away and he said shahvani and they introduced themselves and were laughing.

That threw me off and I guess I relaxed for shahvani a little.

shahvani took another 30 minutes pounding me and finally came in me really hard in doggy style and was moaning so loud and I was so embarrassed!

I knew my uncle didn’t walk too far away because I could smell him smoking bud.

I was so out of it at that point that I didn’t try to stop shahvani from coming in my pussy and I just remember hearing the tent unzipping and him still being inside me from behind while Ramesh was talking to my uncle.

He had a grip on my hips and wasn’t letting me pull away until my uncle was a few feet away as he stood up from sitting on the hill above us and walked over to the tent.

He was standing directly above us as shahvani pulled out slowly and I tried to pull away, only to have shahvani pound back into me .

and talk dirty to me telling me he wasn’t finished with my pussy

he did that to me a few times before he pulled out all the way really slowly while my uncle was watching and laughing.

shahvani got up and was standing naked next to my uncle as they watched me searching around for my clothes.

I couldn’t find my panties and shahvani told me he was keeping them and held my shorts and top up so I had to stand up to get them and put them on.

I didn’t even bother asking to have him hand them to me since he was teasing me and just stood up and put them on in front of my uncle and tried to squeeze my pussy so I didn’t leak shahvani’s come into my shorts. That was really hard though since shahvani came so much!

My uncle and shahvani were talking about how the view of the ocean was really nice from around his tent and they introduced themselves, but I was really uncomfortable and tried my best to smile and not say too much.

shahvani was older than my uncle who is in his 40s, but was in really good shape and was just standing naked between my uncle and me دانلود فیلم سکس.

sometimes walking behind me and hugging me from behind with his cock sliding around my ass in my spandex while he and my uncle were talking and shahvani was feeling me up.

pulling my clothes off to slide his cock inside me from behind and making out with me.

shahvani actually sweet talked my uncle and convinced him that we had an instant attraction and had me saying things and agreeing to things that I couldn’t help saying.

He even had me on my knees naked while sucking his cock

a couple of times while my uncle watched for a really long time.

he came really hard and even talked me into swallowing his come while he held onto my hair and was thrusting into my mouth really hard.

I could tell my uncle was really turned on too and at one point he suggested shahvani fuck me from behind and he watched me get pounded for a long time.

shahvani eventually flipped me on my back and was pounding me for a really long time before he came inside me .

a third time while my uncle stood above us and watched us make out and shahvani go really slow and pull his cock all the way out before sliding all the way back in…

he did that for what seemed like forever before he started to pound me really hard and came while we made out سوپر سکس.

It got pretty dark out eventually and I told shahvani we had to go and I after I was cleaned up and dressed, I started walking back to where my uncle parked, pulling my uncle along with me.

I totally forgot my waist pack with my wallet and phone, but didn’t realize that until we got back to the hotel.

On the drive back, my uncle and I had a really good talk and he started to tell me about how I should take more control and not be a victim since I mentioned I felt like I was violated a little.

I was really confused and couldn’t explain it, but I started to understand how to own my sexuality and what happened with shahvani.

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Date: October 16, 2022

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