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xnxx mallu It had been well over a year since Steph and Al’s sex party. Trish was unsure going in, but it was the best thing for us long term. She had really opened up to trying new things in bed with me.

And for that matter she didn’t require it to be in bed anymore either. We’d had a couple of escapades outdoors in the past year. Trish now often delighted in playing games. Tonight I had her cuffed to the bed while I teased her pussy.

just touching it with the tip of my cock while my fingers danced around her most sensitive spots xnxx mallu. I let her beg and plead to fuck her hard. Yes, she now used dirty language at the appropriate times. Tonight I was requiring the foulest she knew.

Tell me what you want Trish. Beg for it.

OH fuck Ben, FUCK me xxx hindi v.

Tell me. My cock was sooo close, I pinched her nipples, there were hand marks on her ass xnxx mallu. I can wait all night…

FUCK me, give me your cock NOW.

Hmm, maybe I swatted her ass again.

I’m not hearing what I want.

Please, put your cock in me. Swat. Not too hard. She wasn’t into pain. That’s ok. Swat کیر تو کس.

Fuck me with you cock. My pussy needs it PLEASE.

Swat. Squeeze the nipples, let my cock tease along her slit. She was wet. xnxx mallu Very wet. When the time came, I’d glide right in. Swat.


Ah, better. I teased a moment, found the spot and gave her the whole thing.

OOOOOOOOOh, fuck that’s good. Now I got down to fucking. I had hold of her hair with one hand and her ass with the other. She was so wet I was sliding right in and out. Her ass was lifting trying to find me, pushing back. I let go of her hair and held her by the hips driving into my wife of four years. xnxx mallu Once so shy sexually.

Now my partner in sexual adventure.

I was moving fast, she was cumming hard, I kept going until I pulled her to me and gave her my cum deep inside. I added a few extra thrusts for emphasis then let her go and uncuffed her. Trish turned and grabbed me in a tight hug.

Oh fuck Ben, I love when you take me like that, but you just wait, next time I get to be boss. I smiled,

I can hardly wait. Now we cuddled and enjoyed each others company xnxx mallu. After a bit Trish sat up and looked at me with an excited grin.

We got another invite from Steph! Remembering back to the last party I was intrigued.

And? Is it a regular cocktail party or سکس وحشی

MMM, it’s been awhile but she asked who’s up for more dirty play.

Interesting. Same group?

Uh huh. I wonder if Brit will come this time? Steph is raising the stakes. Oh and there’s one additional couple.

Raising the stakes? And who’s the new couple?

Another of the old sorority crew. xnxx mallu Jen? Not sure you know her. She was on a trip last time, but if I recall she was always up for fun. She and her new hubby Charlie. I don’t really know him.

Jen, hmm, no I don’t think we’ve met. What’s she like?

Oh a scouting report. Let’s say she’s just your type.  xnxx malluTiny with big tits.

Oh so you’ll have competition? Trish has a delicious set of 34D tits that were the hit of the previous party.
No, more a C, but she’s so small they look huge.

So why no Brit?

Oh yeah, Steph says there will be a trading game and more sharing. You know how reluctant Brit was.

Yeah. I must have sounded let down.

Trish held my cock in hand.

Someone sounds like they wanted a shot at Brit’s blonde pussy.

Oh, and which hard cock are you lusting after?

Lusting? More like interested.

It must be Al’s, the other’s weren’t that much different than mine.

Caught xnxx mallu. But then I worry about fitting that thick club.

Ah so you have been thinking about this لیسیدن کوس.

Every now and then I think back to having Al’s cock between my tits. You don’t think about sucking on Brit’s bush?

Guilty. So you think there will be sex, with others? That’s ok with you?

From the invite I think there’s a good chance it’ll go that way. I’m ok if you are. I guess we better practice some more, get our skills up. I flipped Trish over and pulled her pussy to my mouth.

I felt Trish coaxing my cock back to stiff with her tongue. I licked her pussy tasting both of us. Her pussy was always so sensitive after a good pounding and she now loved how I could get her off.

I loved how she could now get my cock deep into her mouth. She’d worked on that for awhile after the party and had mastered her gag reflex. She was damn good at it now.

My innocent Trish. She had me balls deep went she pushed her pussy into my face and came on me. xnxx mallu I was now a mess of cum, lapping at her as she sucked me to a forceful orgasm, pumping my second load of the night into her throat. We cleaned up then decided to accept the invite.

Trish had drifted off to sleep.

I lay awake thinking about possibilities. I’d never come close to cheating on Trish, but we had had a little fun with our friends last time and now she was basically giving me permission to have sex with one of her friends. Of course I was also agreeing to let her sample another cock. I had been her first and only.

Now there would be another. I wouldn’t deny her that. But my own thoughts and a twitching cock were on the possibilities. Last time Steph had sucked me deep, much further than Trish could at the time. Steph was firm and athletic, but with no tits to speak of.

xnxx mallu  And did I really want to try satisfying her after she gets fucked by her husband’s thick cock all the time? There was Connie سکس داستانی.

A little meatier than I generally preferred, but she liked anal. Trish and I have never even thought about it. Hmm. And the newcomer to the group, Jen. Some possibilities there. An even tinier version of my 5-3 wife.

Definitely my type. But now my cock firmed up even more. Brit, mmm, xnxx mallu Brit. In all honesty I secretly lusted after her a bit. She’d sat that blonde bush on my face and let me suck and lick her to orgasm.

Oh how I’d love to sink my cock into that blonde pussy. She was a bit shy and reserved. Even moreso than Trish as it turned out. Maybe that was part of the allure xnxx mallu. That and the wispy blonde pussy. I’d just cum twice this evening and here I was as hard as I get thinking of Brit. Tall slim Brit. I tried thinking of something, anything else and finally fell asleep.

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