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bathroom xnxx I woke up the next morning feeling someone shaking my shoulder and whispering my name… I realized it was Connor, but I was still hesitant to wake up… as I slowly started to wake up with my eyes closed, I remembered I had past out nude, and I worried I was on full display.

I opened my eyes to a smiling Connor, and quickly realized I was covered by the blanket… thankfully I must I have covered myself in the middle of the night. Connor said you told me to wake you up bathroom xnxx, but you were sleeping heavily.

I heard Craig from closer to the door ask so what were you doing with that thing in your hand?… I didn’t even know he was in the room, so it caught me off guard and startled me. I realized I still had the vibrating bullet in my right hand, which would explain his question…

bathroom xnxx I’m so embarrassed… I stammered as I surely blushed don’t tease me, it’s just a little vibrator samantha xnxx

girls have to masterbate to sometimes I said as I put it under my pillow. Besides… I added It’s not like you guys don’t jerk off, it’s normal for adults to masterbate. Craig snickered and asked do you mind if we watch?…

I was taken back a bit that he would even ask. What?… watch me masturbate? I asked as they both smiled at me. Craig replied yeah… since it’s normal… it’s not like we haven’t seen it in porn.

I was not expecting him to be so blunt

but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to… the idea of being nude and openly showing them my pussy… it turned me on a lot. They might even jerk off in front of me a well, and thinking about that heated up my pussy.

I chuckled as I said I can’t do that in front of you guys… it’s probably best to stick to just watching it online in porn.

I know you guys have seen plenty of naked women bathroom xnxx, but I’m pretty sure your mom wouldn’t like the idea of me being naked in front of you guys سکس برازرس.

Craig shrugged and said It’s not like we’re going to tell her… besides, you let Connor see your tits last night.

I looked at Connor who shifted his eyes down to his feet as he said I only told Craig bathroom xnxx, I promise. I looked back at Craig and said I didn’t show him my tits…

he just caught me taking a topless selfie… it was embarrassing, so let’s keep it between us, ok? Craig smirked at me and said we won’t say anything to anyone… but I think it’s only fair I get a look also… since I’m keeping the secret after all.

Part of me was upset he was pushing me into showing him my tits… but a much bigger part of me was aroused by it.

I wanted to expose myself anyway bathroom xnxx, and now I had an excuse… it was out of my control. I looked at both of them and noticed they looked excited… like they knew they were going to get their way, and I’d show them my tits… and they were right.

You guys have pretty much already seen me topless when I wore that see thru shirt yesterday morning… so I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point. I picked my shorts up off the floor, and put them on under the blanket… and then stood up out of bed completely topless in front of them. Is this better? I said, as I cupped my breasts.

They both have me a big grin as they agreed by saying bathroom xnxx, that’s much better! Fucking nice! Thank you.. I rolled my eyes a bit with a smile and said good… so mums the word, you don’t mention this to anyone, deal?.

Craig broke his stare from my nipples to ask would it be OK if you stayed like that for awhile?… since you’re already letting us look?. I shrugged my shoulders and said I guess so…

it doesn’t matter now, right?. I looked at Connor and asked is that what you want Connor? Do you want me to stay like this?. Connor nodded while staring at my nipples like he was trying to memorize every detail. I chuckled as I said ok, but I’m taking a bath after breakfast.

and I’m getting dressed once I get out of the bath.

Craig smiled and said ok, deal, as I walked toward the kitchen in nothing but my shorts, with the boys following closely… the whole time staring at my naked chest like they were hypnotized by my erect dark nipples.

I know I said omelets bathroom xnxx, but I’m not cooking those with my tits out… so either pancakes, or I can put a shirt on. Both the boys were quick to say pancakes sound great. I playfully told my eyes with a smile and said I’m glad you like looking at my tits enough to give up on omelets…

do they look the same as they did in my see thru shirt yesterday?. Connor was first to speak up and say they look better… more detail and color… you have great titties Diana.

I gave a bashful smile and said thank you!… you don’t think they are too saggy? as I pushed my chest out for closer inspection. Craig spoke up and said not at all… you’re beautiful…

I have to admit, bring told I was beautiful by a young man like that made me giddy and feel like a school girl… it was incredibly flattering.

I started the pancakes as Craig picked up my phone from the counter and asked can I see the picture that Connor caught you taking?. I shrugged and said why not, I’m already letting you see my tits anyway. He noticed it was locked and asked me for the pass code…

which I thought about just unlocking it for him, but my hands were messy, and I had nothing to hide at this point anyway. The pass code is 0707 I said as I poured the batter on the stove. Don’t be snooping, just find the pic and then turn the phone off.

They both hovered over my phone as he unlocked it and went to the photos. It should be the last few photos bathroom xnxx, so don’t go scrolling past that… I said, clearly forgetting about the photo I had taken and sent to their dad and Scott last night.

I flipped the pancakes and noticed I had some batter on my right breast bathroom xnxx, and as I turned to show them I saw they were zooming in on my phone and looking at it intently.

Guys, my tits are right here, you don’t have to stare at the phone I said as I looked at the photo bathroom xnxx, and realized they were zoomed in on my gaping cunt.

and I immediately remembered the picture I took last night سه نفری لزبین.

I forgot I took that picture… you guys shouldn’t be looking at that! I can’t believe you zoomed in on, and are staring at my open pussy! Craig said it was the most recent photo like you said. I took the pancakes off the oven and said I forgot I took that pic… I shouldn’t have let you in my phone…

although you didn’t need to zoom in and stare at my pussy.

Connor smirked and said I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry… you look so hot, I couldn’t ignore it!. Craig added I like how you remove all your pussy hair so it’s easier to see everything.

I handed them their plates and picked up my phone while saying ok bathroom xnxx, that’s enough… you got to sneak a look at my pussy… I’m already letting you stare at my tits. I noticed Connor was squeezing his cock through his shorts.

but he didn’t think it was noticeable. Craig smiled at me and said you look really sexy naked… any guy would be lucky to fuck you. I smirked and held up my tits and said are you guys going to be thinking about me the next time you jack off?… I have to admit, knowing you guys like seeing me naked turns me on a lot.

Connor looked at me a little confused, but with a smirk and said it does?… you like letting us see you?. I quickly added I shouldn’t have said that, never mind…

I’m going to take a bath now, so have your last look at my tits before I go. I gave my chest a little shimmy and teasingly pinched my nipples. I reminded them one more time you guys better not say a word about this to anyone, got it? before walking back to my room to get my toy.

I knew they wanted to watch me masturbate, and I wanted them to watch me as well فیلم سکس ایرانی

so now was my chance. I knew they would be watching via the peepholes while I was in the bathtub bathroom xnxx, but just to eliminate any doubt I showed them my toy and said I might be in here for a bit, I’ll let you know when I’m out.

Once I was inside the bathroom and closed the door bathroom xnxx, I could hear them rush into Craig’s room and go into the closet within seconds. I’m sure they could see the smile on my face as I pulled down my shorts, and turned around to show off my ass.

I heard their voices bathroom xnxx, I’d love to bend her over right now I can’t believe she let us look at her tits… she so fucking hot I hope she uses the toy in the bathtub so we can watch her use it.

I leaned into the tub to start running the water as I could hear them shuffling over to the tub for a better view.

I sat down on the side of the tub with a leg on each side so that I was spread open for a clear view, and slowly rubbed the top of my slit…

I looked down at the holes in the wall and could barely see their eyes staring at my cunt, but the running water made it difficult to make out what they were saying bathroom xnxx, as I could hear them talking.

I waited patiently for the water to rise high enough to turn it off

and slowly lowered myself into the water as I could clearly hear them again. Her pussy is even prettier than it was in the picture god damn, she makes my cock hard!. I want to fuck her so bad! Mmmm, me too.

I powered on my water proof vibrating bullet bathroom xnxx, and rose my pussy up to their eye level as I started grinding it against my clit.

I could see them staring at my cunt as I said to myself they were looking at my tits… they saw a picture of my pussy… I bet they were so horny looking at me.. I said it knowing they could hear me…

and I wanted them to know it turned me on letting them see me earlier… and saying it out loud made my pussy throb. I started swinging my pussy closer and closer to the peep holes, as I swung back and forth between the two eyes that were glued to my open cunt. bathroom xnxx, her pussy is right up in our faces and she’s doesn’t even know it’s so close that I can smell her pussy through the hole…

I felt my pussy start to throb even harder and I knew I was close to cumming. I grunted I’m going to cum!… I’m such a fucking slut! I’m going to cum! Just before I felt my pussy start convulsions, as I’m sure the boys could see my pussy contracting back and forth bathroom xnxx, as I kept my pussy spread for their enjoyment.

I didn’t expect to cum so fast… I was just overly aroused and I couldn’t control it.

I knew they were still looking, and that they had seen as much of my body as they possibly could… I hope the memory would fuel their fantasies and help them cum for years to come. I allowed my pussy to recuperate while I finished cleaning my body.

all while listening to their crude comments.

I want to cum inside her I get the shower next bathroom xnxx, I need to blow my load I’m so fucking hard right now how could we get her to let us fuck her? I bet she knows how to suck dick really good.

It turned me on knowing they were so aroused by the idea of fucking me… that they wanted me so badly… but I had no interest in fucking them.

They were to young for me, and I didn’t see them a sexually attractive… yet I loved knowing that they saw me that way. I figured letting them get their thrills wasn’t hurting anyone… and doing so was a turn on for me as well… I love teasing a hard cock.

Once I was dried off I realized I forgot to bring a change of clothes. .. I guess I was to focused on getting my vibrator.

I just wrapped the towel around myself and walked out, bathroom xnxx and went to Craig’s room to let them know I was out of the bathtub if they wanted it (as if they didn’t already know).

His door was open, and apparently I caught them off guard because they were just coming out of his closet as I walked in… I didn’t want to bust them, but I knew it would seem odd if I didn’t ask why are you guys in the closet?.

Connor stammered or and looked at Craig… Craig bathroom xnxx, with a bright red face said he was helping me put some stuff up in the closet. Connor looked a little concerned, but was quickly relieved when I said oh, ok…

the bathroom is free if you guys want to shower. Craig smiled and said Thanks bathroom xnxx, I’m first as he grabbed some clothes and walked past me to go in… I knew he was just anxious to jack off after all the teasing I’d done…

and Connor was clearly having a hard time concealing his erection, as I noticed his dick pressing against his shorts as it caused a very noticeable tent that he tried to hide with his hands.

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