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xnxx videos I apologize for any grammar mistakes in advance. I’m a professional golfer, not a professional writer!

I needed to go by my hotel to shower and change into more comfortable clothes. Jen said she’d ride with me and then guide me to Gloria’s place. Gloria walked with us to my SUV سکس دختر افغانی
. She told Jen to behave until we were all together at her place. Then the two kissed and we pulled out of the parking lot heading to my hotel.

Right after pulling out onto the street, xnxx videos Jen slid her sundress straps off her shoulders and over her arms, pulling the top of the dress down exposing her glorious huge breasts.

I almost crashed the vehicle! Thank goodness it was a four lane avenue because I went into the other lane almost into the median سکس با خواهر, narrowly missing a small tree.

She laughed Like what you see They’re completely natural

No Dallas enhancement here, just pure big breasted genes that run in the family. Wait until you see my daughter. She has breasts that are incredibly large for her petite size. She’ll be coming in tomorrow.”

I could hardly keep my eyes on the road xnxx videos. I’d seen plenty of breasts in my time, but none could match hers. For their size, they appeared very firm. Her dark pink nipples were huge, diamond hard and set high on her breasts. Bigger than my thumbs فیلم سکس
, each nipple was pierced by a post with a ball on each side.

Her areolas were a lighter shade of pink, huge almost perfect circles, their circumference almost as large as a tennis ball. My cock instantly became hard looking at them.

She extended her hand and lightly rubbed the bulge in my trousers xnxx videos. “Question answered without saying lucky mom old and young realitykings pure pussy pumper, I can feel your answer right here.” She said rubbing a bit harder featured xnxx porn videos. “I may have a hard time behaving when we get up to your room.”

I just smiled and nodded So far this tournament was shaping up to be the best one yet.

“You can touch them if you want to سکس زوری
.” She turned her chest towards me. “They won’t bite you.”

I laughed and extended my arm, my hand caressing her breasts and then I tweaked each large nipple with my finger and thumb. Pinching and pulling on them made them even harder and larger. I took the piercing between my finger and thumb and pulled on it. I’d never had a woman with pierced nipples before. They were really cool.

“Mmmm, I love that. Pull and twist xnxx videos, it tingles and makes my pussy wet.” She cooed.

I had to remove my hand to turn into the hotel parking lot. Jen pulled her top up and I parked the car. I took her hand and led the way to the elevators xnxx videos. Once inside the elevator, she pressed those luscious breasts against me and nibbled my neck with her teeth. At the same time her hand rubbed my hard cock covered by my golf trousers.

You’re a titty man aren’t you She asked

“I am.” I answered. “And yours are the best I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

“Knowing your reputation that’s more than a girl could ask for videos page free.” She said. “Once in the room, they’re all yours.” She French kissed me full on the lips free xxx videos. Her tongue was strong and magical.

I let her in the room first and by the time I closed the door, her sundress was on the floor. She twirled for me to get a good look at her body.

I took in what a beauty she was. Hazel eyes, about five foot six or so, slender at the waist with nice hips and an awesome ass. Her legs were shapely and her feet were dainty with long toes, the toenails painted red. She had a well trimmed thin landing strip of dark brown hair that pointed right to her lovely pussy xnxx videos. Nice pouty long pussy lips videos milf older missionary.

that I really loved, were visible and of course those incredible breasts with the pierced nipples.

Then she began undressing me. “I thought Gloria told you to behave fucks doggy style سکس خشن
.” My shirt was now off.

She was rubbing her hands on my chest

“I’m behaving just like Gloria would want me to. I’ll be just a little naughty here, but tonight, you’d better watch out Mister, you’ll be dealing with at least two horny.

cock crazed MILFs.” She unbuttoned my trousers. “See, when she said I should behave xnxx videos, she knew exactly how I would behave.” My trousers fell to the floor. She pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang forward like a spring.

She reached down and stroked my cock and balls with her soft hands. My cock, of course, responded, by becoming even harder. She squeezed it tightly.

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