kir2kos Hot sex for the first time my cock inside her pussy


kir2kos Hot sex for the first time my cock inside her pussy

kir2kos The sun was high in the sky as I sit on the front porch reading the paper. The suburban neighborhood was quiet today. My name is Sam and I’m 28, my wife Sarah is 26.

We met in college, I was senior studying business, and she was a sophomore studying literature shahvani.

Immediately we connected mentally and physically kir2kos, it only took a few dates, and we were fucking in the back of my car since our roommates were always in our dorms.

Her C cup breasts always pushed in my face as I thrust my dick in her tight pussy kir2kos. She wasn’t with many guys before me and only with one girl in high school.

Neither of us were experienced but we never complained. After college we moved in together and shortly after a year we got married and now we’re here in sunny suburbia of a small town in Vermont.

As I read the paper a moving truck pulled into the house next to ours. kir2kos I can’t even remember it coming up for sale but it’s always nice to have new neighbors moving into the area.

Sarah walks out with a pitcher of ice tea pouring a glass and sitting it next to me on the side table. She sits on my lap giving me a passionate slow kiss. She smiles as she says.

It looks like we have new neighbors moving it. We watch as we see two women hop out of the moving truck. One was in her late 30s and the other in her late teens mia khalifa xnxx.

Must be a mom and daughter I thought. Sarah says kir2kos, Hey you should go over there and see if they need help.

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They shouldn’t have to do it by their self’s. I sigh and say, I suppose your right. kir2kos Fuck for the First time Sarah laughs and kisses me again and says.

Hey the faster you get down and come back home all hot and sweaty Fuck positions, the faster you can get me in the shower and that dick in my pussy.

As she says that she climbs on my lap facing me her body against mine and she grinds against me and playfully moans. She gets up and walks back in the house as she gives me a quick glance back and smiles. That fucking tease I think and laugh to myself.

I walk over and knock on the door and the daughter answers with a surprised look on her face. kir2kos I quickly introduce myself and offer that I was here to help them move the heavy stuff in سکس جدید ایرانی.

But as I say that I immediately realize the inside of the house looked completely furnished and decorated. That was impossibly fast.

The daughter laughs breaking my focus and tells me to come in. Walking in without thinking about it she yells for her mom and in seconds her mother appeared around the corner smiling and greets me.

Well, it looks like we have our first guest. kir2kos The daughter still smiling tells her that I was here to help them move in even though it was clear they didn’t need it.

The mom smiles now and says, Well I hate that you came all the way over here, but I bet there is still plenty you can help us with. kir2kos they both laugh as they look at each other and she continues.

Well, I’m Rebecca, this is my daughter Laura it’s a pleasure to meet you Sam.

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I don’t remember even telling them my name but suddenly my body has a strange feeling build inside me. Fuck ass They both approach me with seductive smiles and blackness.

Suddenly I’m standing at the front door with them both thanking me for helping them move in and it would kir2kos have been impossible to finish today without me سکس از پشت.

I have memories of moving a lot of stuff and furniture in and I’m covered in sweat as I would from moving furniture.

The sweat on their chests caught kir2kos my attention and I break from that view telling them to have a good afternoon and make my way back home first time.

I walk in the house yelling for Sarah and she yells back she was already the shower. I rush upstairs to take my clothes and join her with the hot water hitting my skin as her wet body rubs against mine.

She greets me with a hard kiss. kir2kos We kiss as the water runs down our bodies سکس از کون.

I grab her waist pushing her against the wall and she gets an alluring look in her eyes and she asks me, What are you going to do now? and smiles at me and biting her bottom lip.

I push her up on the wall wrapping her legs around my waist and let her slide slightly down as my dick pushes into her pussy making her lift her head up moaning kir2kos.

She grabs onto my neck as I start fucking her deeper and in a slow pace. She begs me to go faster but I make her wait. She moans louder and her breathing becomes heavy.

I pick up the pace going faster and harder. She begs again to fuck her kir2kos, and I look into her eyes knowing she can’t hold back much longer.

I grab her legs and pushing them up against the wall spreading them and only holding her by her legs making my dick only deepen inside her hitting her cervix forcing her to orgasm and wrap her one arm around my shoulders and neck and the other running her nails down my back as she screams.

and I grunt forcing kir2kos her all the way down on my dick as I start shooting warm thick cum into her womb. Finally calming down from our orgasm we finish showering and get ready for bed سكس عنيف.

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Date: October 17, 2022
Actors: Nicolexbruce

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