Zazie Skymm and Mona Kim After School Studies Hot Teen Threesome


Zazie Skymm and Mona Kim After School Studies Extremely Hot Teen Threesome

Zazie Skymm The sound of thunder woke me, I listened thinking I had dreamt it then the room lit up and was followed a few seconds later by a loud boom, that’s when my bedroom door flew open and my 26 year old sister Kelly jumped into my bed.

“I’m sorry Al” she pushed against me so I wrapped my arms around her, she had always been terrified of thunderstorms Zazie Skymm.

“That’s OK Kel” I said, pulling her closer just before another flash followed by a louder clap of thunder that even made me jump, she pushed against me twisting,moaning and squirming, I could feel tears or sweat on my arms and it felt like she was trying to crawl inside me.

“Its OK, your safe with me” I said trying to sooth her.
Normally our 12 year old sister Natasha would be diving into my bed but she was away with out mom in London for a late birthday treat Zazie Skymm..

Over the next hour or so the storm seemed hell bent on scaring Kelly to death, every boom made her whimper and twist in my arms, she would duck under the quilt with every flash of lightning.
Eventually the storm passed and I fell asleep still holding my frightened sister, the house returning to a quiet peace.

Kelly was a geek, no other word for it, she was flat, boyish, not unattractive but she had always been a tomboy and I thought she was a lesbian because she never had a boyfriend that I knew about.

I have no idea what time I woke up but when I did I realised that I still had my arms around Kelly who lay face down, I had my left leg across her legs. I was shocked when I realised that Kel was naked from below her chest, her nightdress had ridden up during the night, my erect penis was pressed against her warm right buttock, I always slept nude, I was so hard it was painful.

I knew I should move but it felt so good and for a minute or so I lay still Zazie Skymm,

wishing that she wasn’t my sister.

I was still a virgin and I knew it was wrong but I had to try something, I slowly pushed my cock against her stopping when Kelly sighed, she moved her hips, my cock now slid between her ass cheeks!

I lay there for what felt like an eternity Zazie Skymm, my aching dick gripped between by her cheeks, it was throbbing and wet with pre cum, I wanted to slide it up and down until I came but what the hell would she say or do?

I knew I had to stop what I was doing but I just wanted to feel what that would be like so I slowly moved my hips back then pushed forward feeling Kelly’s cheeks around my cock, it felt fantastic, I paused waiting for any reaction and when non came I slowly pulled back and slid forward again Zazie Skymm

still no reaction so I repeated the move thinking that this felt so good, sex must be mind blowing Zazie Skymm, I paused and this time I pulled my cock as far back as I dared but as I pushed forward my hard dick slid down under the her ass and between Kelly’s legs the head of my cock must have been right against her opening!

I froze expecting her to scream rape or something but Kelly seemed to be asleep, I couldn’t help myself I pushed forward as much as I could, the tip of my cock felt wetness and was wrapped in something warm

was I inside my first pussy?

I eased back slowly and pushed forward again feeling the warm wetness on the end of my cock again, I paused the feeling was ecstasy, but my mind was racing and I knew I had to stop but my body seemed to be thinking for itself Zazie Skymm.

I slowly pulled back and pushed forward again this time I felt myself slid into Kelly’s opening and I was gripped by her, she sighed and in fright I pulled out and away rolling onto my back.
“Why did you stop?” the sound of her voice made me jump Zazie Skymm.

“I’m sorry Kel, that was wrong and I shouldn’t have done that, I don’t know what came over me” he turned over and faced me “I know why” propping herself up she looked at me smiling “I was enjoying it and I could feel that you were I didn’t want you to stop”

I looked at her “What?” I must have looked a complete idiot Zazie Skymm.

“You heard me” she moved a little Zazie Skymm “OK you stay like that and don’t move, you’ve used with me now it’s my turn” she moved quickly and straddled me, lifting herself up with her hands I felt hot wetness against my cock as she sat back lifting her nightdress over her head.

I hadn’t seen her naked since we were a lot younger, she was skinny and her tits were small mounds with inviting perfect, pink nipples. Without thinking I reached up and cupped her left tit squeezing it, she grabbed my hand with both of hers pressing it against her, I could feel her nipple harden.

“Kelly, this is wrong we should stop” I said.
“OK, take your hand off me” she was looking down at me now Zazie Skymm, she smiled when my hand stayed clamped on her tit, it was then that I realised she was slowly rocking her hips, rubbing her pussy along my cock.

I looked down and watched the glistening head of my cock appear

from her hairy bush as she slid her wet pussy along its length, I grabbed her hip with my left hand pulling her towards me.
“We shouldn’t do this” I said again.

“We are not going to have sex and I’m on the pill if anything goes wrong so don’t worry” she stopped moving “Al, I have only had sex once and it was awful but I really want this, I promise to do what ever you want after

but please let me do this Zazie Skymm” I could feel the wetness and heat from her pussy against my cock.

“OK” it took me less that a billionth of a second to decide. I lifted my other hand and cupped both of her tits, I was aching to take one of her nipples into my mouth and suck it but I didn’t want to spoil the moment, I squeezed her tits and started to roll her nipples with my thumb and finger.

Kelly had started rubbing against my cock again, the sounds she was making were turning me on and the feeling was unbelievable Zazie Skymm.
I was desperate to suck her nipples so I lifted myself up and placed my mouth over her right nipple as I did Kelly moved slightly toward me and I felt my cock slide into my sister.

“Oh yes!” she breathed, a shiver rippled through her and I let out a gasp “Don’t move, please don’t move Zazie Skymm” she was rigid, all I could do was flop back on the bed and savor the feeling.
“Your so big” she hissed “Please let me feel you inside me just for a minute, I promise to get off, please? ”

I didn’t answer, I wanted to be deeper inside her so I pushed up with my knees and hips I felt my cock slide all the way inside her, she gasped her mouth wide open so I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on to my cock to keep her there, feeling every movement of her around my cock.

“Yes!” she breathed.
I pushed my ass  down Zazie Skymm into the bed, feeling my cock slide out a little then pushed back up she grunted.
“Don’t stop”

I was fucking my sister!

It felt fantastic and I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

She put her hands on to the bed either side of me, her face close to me, then she kissed me hard, pulling back she said “don’t stop”
I could feel her tight vagina around me, every thrust into her seemed to make me harder.

Her hips were getting faster and she moaned every time my cock slammed into her, I could feel my orgasam building.
“Kelly, I’m coming, I can’t stop” I was slamming into her faster and harder, my fingers were digging into her hips as I pounder into her.

I could feel her get tighter around me and she let out a long yell “Yesssss” Zazie Skymm as she did I gave a massive push into her and came in long waves, I could hear myself shouting her name every time my cock slammed and throbbed inside her.

When my orgasam subsided I opened my eyes and looked at Kelly, she had her mouth wide open as if she was screaming silently her saliva dripping onto me, she was covered in sweat, I could feel her vagina clamping around my cock her body jerking Zazie Skymm.

We stayed like that for some time until she lowered herself onto me.
Her head was on my shoulder her face towards me, so I looked into her eyes and kissed her nose.

“That was unbelievable” she panted Zazie Skymm.
“I never thought my first would be you” I put my arms around her “I’m glad it was though”

My cock was still buried inside her.

“Don’t move Al, I want you inside me as long as possible” she murmured. “I’m not going anywhere.” I was amazed that I hadn’t gone soft yet, normally when I wanked as soon as I came I would get soft quickly زازی اسکایم و سیسیلیا اسکات.

“Am I your first?” she still hadn’t moved “I thought you and Debs would have done it by now”
“No, we have seen each other nude and played with each other but no sex yet.”

“I feel a little guilty now taking your virginity”
“Don’t be that was fantastic”
I was still inside her with my arms around her Zazie Skymm.

“how do I compare to debs?” she asked.
“Well I prefer your tits, nice and small, Zazie Skymm debs shaves which I like. But you are here and she isn’t”
Kelly moved her head slightly closer.

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Zazie Skymm
Zazie Skymm
Date: January 24, 2022
Actors: Mona Kim / Zazie Skymm

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